Losers Lament

If you’ve ever participated in competitive sports, you know the losers lament.  It was the umps, the refs, the other team cheated, it was deflated balls… . Never is there a look in the mirror to determine how bad you or your team actually sucked on a particular day or for the whole season.  There is a loser’s mindset also.  Its view in the mirror says I am so much better than everyone else, so much smarter, so much more talented, everyone loves me, and wants me to win, so it is very unlikely that I will ever lose unless they cheat.

There is also the bench warmer’s prayer.  If the game is tight and the battle tough, the benchwarmer prays, “Lord, please don’t let them hit the ball to me.”  Sort of reminds me of the Republican side of Congress.  A note to them, winners want the damn ball and they aim to deliver when they get it.  Otherwise they become tomorrow’s losers.

Ronald Reagan skunked Jimmah Carter.  It was a landside of epic proportions.  If you scan the news and polls, Reagan was not supposed to win – had no chance.  The media and pundits did not give him a chance and establishment Republicans didn’t want him either – many of them blamed him for Ford’s loss to Carter.  The third party candidate was blamed for the loss although analysis showed that had Carter picked up every vote, highly unlikely, he would have still lost by 100 Electoral College votes.  It wasn’t the third party.  It was a bad economy, double digit inflation, the Arab oil embargo, turn your thermostat down and wear sweater speeches, and poor handling of the Iran hostage crisis not to mention Jimmah and his crew ushering in a “moderate religious leader.”  Jimmah lost because he failed at being President – a leader.

Most memorable in recent times, Al Gore lost to George Bush.  When the Supreme Court ended the never ending Florida recount, Bush became in the eyes of the press and Democrats “selected not elected.”  Although recounts completed afterwards demonstrated even if every vote was recounted again Bush still won.  Still the meme of an illegitimate presidency spread far and wide through the media and hourly attacks across the liberal media were common – and it continued right up to the end. Bush never pushed back against the media.

Next up, Vietnam War hero John Kerry and his trusty sidekick John Edwards lost to Bush.  Kerry wanted to concede and Edwards wanted to do a Gore 2.0.  Bush lost this one because of the Swift Boat Veterans attack on the war hero.  Because it was clear that Bush was not a brilliant and sophisticated as John and John, he could not have possibly won unless the Swift Boaters exposed in their view his less than stellar service record.  So for the next four years, the implied label of illegitimacy still hung around the neck of President Bush – and the media cried endlessly about swift boating among other attacks resulting in his approval rate being in the toilet.

McCain and Romney lost to Obama and for a myriad of reasons including Bush’s low approval rating.  The bottom line however, is that they were poor candidates.  Truthfully, both were hold your nose votes for me and millions like me stayed home.

And now, present day.  Proven is the adage that no matter how much things change, they remain the same.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, oh my, what an election year it was.  This may sound familiar.  According to the media, the pundits, and the political consulting class Trump had no chance.  It was a foregone conclusion that Hillary would win.  Establishment Republicans also did not believe he could win nor did they want Trump.  Along came election night and Hillary along with all of those talking heads and establishment Republicans got a whuppin.  There was wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Panic across America.  Trump could not have possibly won the election.   It had nothing to do with the failed Clinton candidacy.  As we all now know, the Russians did it.

©2017 J. D. Pendry

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