As an American, it is time for me to decide where my loyalty rests. What do I stand for? What am I most willing to fight for? What am I least willing to give up?

I do know that whatever holds your loyalty will make demands of you. It will dog you. It will make you devote time to it. It will demand that you meet its needs. It will settle for nothing less. Loyalty, however, is a two way street. Like it or not, you will get a return for your loyalty.

So where lays your loyalty? It is a question each of us need to answer for ourselves. Introspect is not always pleasant.

I look at self-involved politicians and pundits and wonder if I act that way.

If you are a self-centered individual, like the politicians who lost their primary elections and refused to go away, you may be loyal first to your ego. A narcissist, which is what such people are, requires an ego masseuse.

These self-centered egomaniacs know that the voters prefer them and their ideas to any other. They are certain that everyone can see that they are more brilliant and sophisticated than any potential opponent or the typical American. They convince themselves that there must be something unfair or crooked if they lose an election or have an unpopular idea, or, alternatively that the serfdom is just too stupid to know what is best. Whatever goes wrong for them or with their grand schemes is someone else’s fault. A narcissist knows what is best for you and if in the position to do so, will give it to you whether you want it or not. To protect you, he will make sure you do not make bad choices. He will do that by removing from the menu your choices that he considers bad. You will still be free to choose, but your choice will be between the little electric car and no car. Narcissists make good dictators. They build countries that resemble North Korea. If you are a total narcissist, you cannot be truly loyal to anything or anyone.

I also hope that I have not become a party loyalist even if one party is in theory more representative of my views than another.

If you are fiercely loyal to a political party, the most important thing to you is that the party to which you are loyal gets and maintains power. The character and qualities of the party members or the ideologies of the party bosses doesn’t mean anything. What matters is that you have a seat with the party that is in power. You are so taken with advancing the party and the party’s ideology, that you will sacrifice the freedom of a nation in order to get that power. The political win is what is important to you. What matters least are the people and nation you pretend to serve. That is how communism works.

So what does self loyalty or political party loyalty return to you? Does it return to you anything that is enduring? I think it does not. If you are held captive to your ego and your ego takes a beating at the hands of voters, what happens to you? You become a whining Lisa Murkowski, or Al Gore. When you are loyal to a party and you do not care who is in it or what they believe as long as they can keep you in power, what does that get you? A dysfunctional and unresponsive Washington DC, 2010.

What would you get in return if you were loyal to a set of enduring principles? What if you were loyal to the ideals in the founding documents of our country, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution?

You would get the freest, most prosperous and most powerful nation in the history of mankind. You would return the beam to the shining light that once showed the rest of the world the way to true freedom.

I want to be a loyal American.

© 2010

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