March Madness

No, not that madness.

Just because they delivered it in a Brink’s truck, does not imply that hardwood oak flooring is expensive. Thankfully, this chapter of the fundamental renovation ended. As with most plans, this one had to adjust to reality. It is a concept our save the world politicians would do well to comprehend. And for that understanding the serfdom would be grateful.

We had only two potent winter storms here in my neck of wild and wonderful. The first delayed the fireplace restoration by more than a week. Delivery of the special ordered bricks held up by the weather. This made Suzie-Q (also known as Missus spotless house) very happy. Our fireplace transformed into a gray blob of mortar looked badly, but it did not clash with our décor of drop cloths, plywood walkways, and piles of plastic draped furniture.

Just as the painter and brick mason were wrapping up their work, my youngest sister’s long battle with the horrendous disease of early onset Alzheimer’s ended in her victory as she went home to be with the Lord. She left a legacy of four great children that would make any Mother proud. Donna Marie I will miss you, but will always remember your humbleness, flowing red hair, and beaming smile and the time we spent together in this life.

There was only a short reprieve before the floor installers arrived. The main room remained in shambles and was soon joined by every other room on the main floor. Just as destruction of the house was nearing completion, the second winter storm hit. For two days, the installers were snowed in or out depending on your perspective. Again, Suzie-Q was thrilled at the prospect of extending the construction zone status of our home. They finally finished up the main floor on Thursday, and the steps and back porch on Friday a full two days past the promised time.

We were actually thrilled the work was finished. The contractor’s work that is. Suzie-Q and I had the weekend to get the house put back together before she reported for a total shoulder replacement surgery on Monday morning. Suzie-Q is a career military wife. Averaging a move every two years for 28, she is accustomed to our home being turned upside down. Even with a bad shoulder from the dislocation she suffered in December, she never slowed at putting things back together. I was not allowed (thankfully) to touch the fragiles- china, crystal, etc. All is back in order now.

We sat on the love seat last night in front of our new fireplace reminiscing. During our 43 years of moving and disruptions, we have lost family. Three brothers and a mother for her and both parents and now a sister for me. We have always seen a new day come. We have lived a blessed life and we are thankful.

Suzie-Q is in full recovery mode. As is typical with her, I must impose my help. She would prefer to do everything herself and would try if I did not keep close watch, but she cannot. Thankfully, the neighbor concept is alive and well here. From afar, she has received flowers and get well cards and calls. The neighbors, our neighbors, they bring food. Beef stew and cornbread, banana nut bread muffins, cheese soup and rolls, baked spaghetti, barbequed ribs and the trimmings….. Love thy neighbor as thyself. I told Suzie-Q I may gain weight during her recovery.

Spring is trying to break out. The forsythia is greening up. Bright yellow flowers soon to arrive followed by the dogwood and cherry and hopefully Suzie-Q’s persimmon tree will bloom this year. My sister is renewed in Heaven. This old house has what is likely its last facelift as we enter our autumn. Suzie-Q has a new shoulder to replace the injured one. We are blessed with a wonderful Church family and neighbors. In this life we have much for which to be thankful. Even a little March madness.

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