Maybe Joe Knows

Are you intrigued that the President (whose life we know less about than we do Joe the Plumber’s) and his door guards, the architects of the most transparent administration in history, are accusing anyone of doing anything secretly?

The Obama administration accused the Chamber of Commerce and other political opponents of receiving campaign cash from secret foreign donors who are trying to influence the outcome of the midterm election. Of course they have zero proof of that. If they did have proof, it would be all over the news and it would be the end of hope for any challenger in this election cycle. Anyone with objective brain power knows that the charge is a load of hooey. This of course excludes the gals on The View, everyone on MSNBC, and most other news media.

David Axlerod, the designated Presidential manure spreader, was challenged to produce his evidence of foreign money influence. His response to the challenge was to ask his interviewer if he had evidence that there was not. Disprove the unproved. Now that sounds about par for the collection of nitwits that are running our country. The only explanation is that they sincerely believe that you and I are stupid. They also think that we still live in times when there is no one to openly challenge what they put forth as truth. This, in case you are curious, is why they hate Fox News. They expect us instead to gasp in horror whenever they make unsupported charges and then demand that their political opponents be perp- walked off to the penitentiary. Hey David! We are numb buddy and we are on to you. It just ain’t gonna work anymore.

I have no evidence showing that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro was not born in the United States. Mr. Axlerod where is the evidence proving that he was? I have no evidence that the President is a Muslim. Where is the evidence that he is not? The President talks in his books about using “a little blow” when he could get it? Where is the evidence proving that he quit using nose candy, especially now that he can afford the good stuff? I have no evidence that Michelle Obama secretly sneaks down to the White House kitchen and slams cheeseburgers and chili fries at night. I demand, Mr. Axlerod, evidence that she does not – especially since she wants to replace my jalapeno cheese fries with asparagus spears. By the way, I consider eating an asparagus spear only when it is stuffed into a Twinkie – surrounded by extra Twinkie stuff.

I do have proof, I am afraid, that they believe we are hopelessly stupid. Joe Biden. Is it not funny how that name stands alone as proof of what they believe. The master of gasbagiosity is a heartbeat away from being our president. Scared yet? The wing nuts were afraid instead that stupid Americans might put Sarah Palin in that position. We can only wish. On the campaign trail the other day, Vice President Joe said that Democrats were not running on their platform or agenda this election because it is too complicated to explain to us dullards. We are either too stupid to comprehend or they chose to not share the plan with Joe. I am prone to believe the latter. At least, I have no proof to the contrary. If Joe Biden was wearing one of those electric shock collars and was jolted each time he made a dim-witted comment his hair plugs would fall out mid speech.

For some reason, whenever I see the President reading to us from the Presidential Teleprompters I get an image of George Soros sitting in a dark room in his Stars Wars Emperor suit typing away at the keyboard. I do not know for sure if that is true, but I have no evidence that it is not. Maybe Joe knows.

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