Merry Christmas Blessed Nation

I thought that it might be a good idea to post something to this blog site before it is seized by the Department of Homeland Security. With the direction our country is headed, there will be no probable cause required to search us (TSA apparently doesn’t need it) or our homes or take away our possessions. I may be left to nailing my thoughts on a tree like our patriot pamphleteer forefathers did. I am sure that the all powerful EPA must have regulations prohibiting that too. Maybe we modern pamphleteers will just resort to stapling them to the foreheads of politicians. Sort of like a poor man’s teleprompter. Penetrating some of those thick heads may require some heavy duty staples.

We have a lot for which to be thankful in the United States of America. All of it points back to one intangible not material thing. Freedom. Not just any old freedom, but that freedom that came to us directly from God and was once protected under the Constitution of our republic. It is the freedom that the men and women who lead us are sworn to protect. Makes one wonder about what the value of a sworn oath is these days. I suppose that it is as binding as is the integrity of the man who swears to it.

It is the freedom to make your choices. It is not the freedom to impose your choices on anyone else. Yet, we see legislation trying to do just that. It is legislation born of a mindset where a minority attempts to impose its will or choices or moral relativism on the rest of us. That minority feels that it knows what is best.

All you have to do these days is declare that you are a Christian and you are promptly attacked for proselytizing. Interesting isn’t it. People who advocate for open homosexual military service, homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, post billboards declaring that Christianity is based on a myth, and who worship the mythology of Charles Darwin, have the audacity to harangue Christians for “wearing it on their sleeves.”

For all of the years that modern nations and Christians have celebrated this time, do you truly believe that people would flock to the stores in droves and spend the billions of dollars that is necessary to keep the world’s economy afloat in celebration of the festival of lights or the winter holiday season? If you do, then I suggest that it may be you who has succumbed to fantasy.

My town has been referred to as the city of churches. There is practically one around every corner. Christian Churches too. Can you imagine all of the misery those pushy Christians cause? Just think of all those feeble minds poisoned with the myth of a virgin birth, death, resurrection and ascension to heaven of our Savior. What is it with this promise of everlasting life? Asking people to believe that there just might be something beyond us and this momentary existence?

As if the year around reminder of Christianity is not bad enough, now they have Christmas displays and invitations to participate in and observe Christmas services like Christmas musicals and Christmas Eve Candlelight services. Then there are the annoying Christmas food basket programs, Christmas clothing drives, Angel trees, bell ringers at every store, and neighborhood Christmas caroling. You can hardly move about without someone wishing you a Merry Christmas with a big smiling face. Give them half a chance and they’ll even toss a God bless you in your direction. Then we have to put up with the decorations people hang all over their houses and place in their yards. Some houses even have Manger scenes including a baby Jesus placed right out there in public for anyone to see. Have they no shame? I tell you, it is the height of insensitivity. Who in the blazes do these people think they are? Can’t they just leave the rest of us alone to our self-indulgence?

This time each year when Christians choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, an entity releases all of the nuts from the fruit cake to challenge that truth. In my circle of friends we recognize that as spiritual warfare. For now in the United States of America, we remain free to celebrate the arrival of our Messiah. If it is your choice, you remain free to do otherwise. Just keep it in your tolerant mind that this time is about the virgin birth. Just as other religions have their observances, this is a Christian celebration.

Hopefully, I’ll be more cheerful in coming posts. May ALL of you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

Luke 2.

© 2010

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