My Opinion: Civil Disagreement?

Thanks to Speaker Pelosi, I believe the expression “civil disagreement” is now officially an oxymoron.

After watching one of the most moving and informative SOTU speeches I’ve ever heard, I also saw a completely uncalled for temper tantrum from one of the highest elected positions in the U.S. Congress. I wasn’t shocked or even surprised, considering the source. I sure hope someone in Congress pushes forward to charge Madam Speaker with destruction of an official government document, let alone an ethics violation.

Nancy Pelosi has set the standard of lack of self-control for all our youth to embrace, and for many adults, I’m sure. Wait until a teen tears up a speeding ticket because he/she disagrees with it and uses Pelosi’s childlike fit as the precedent.

This behavior reminds me of a very difficult time during the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinski scandal. Some parents had to somehow explain to their children President Clinton’s dastardly deeds of moral decay while he held the highest and most powerful position in the world. He gave the Clinton stamp of approval to the adulterous and disgusting actions of cheating husbands. He set an under-the-barrel standard for morality, just as Pelosi undermined the invaluable ability of self-control.

I, of all people, understand the plain old fact that all people are human and make mistakes. Guilty as charged. However, when you’re entrusted with an elected position, you should have reached a point in your life to be able to avoid some of the more devastating “mistakes.”  Experience should nurture self-control, as we realize the consequences of our actions before we take that action. As we grow and age, thinking things through becomes a survival skill. It can also bring quality and happiness to our life, which is especially important in our senior years. Getting old is not for the faint of heart.

The whole concept of disagreeing with others can be employed constructively to develop better goals, improved processes, and invaluable progress if we keep it civil. When inflated ego and emotional immaturity get in the way, those “haters” of anyone who disagrees become not just speed bumps in moving forward. The hate breeds brick walls. Hate, although human, is a destructive emotion. I have destroyed many a fine day with hateful thoughts, but I keep my temper tantrums at home, privately, where I can vent freely without harming or disrupting others (except my dear husband, whom I never hate). It’s only me that gets hurt. I always end up apologizing to Ray, who, after decades, understands my need to vent, thank goodness. I’m proud that I can maintain my self-control outside the home.

Madame Speaker insulted all those wonderful people to which Trump offered recognition, hope, compassion, and encouragement. The 100-year-old Tuskegee airman and his grandson; the mother and son whose husband and father made the ultimate sacrifice for his country; the surprise military family reunion; and the young lady who will receive a scholarship, just to name a few. How demeaning to tear up those precious revelations. Shame on you, Millionaire Pelosi. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’ve got class. My mom always said that class isn’t something you’re born into or something money can buy—it’s something you learn, and only if you choose to learn. Obviously, that’s a lesson Pelosi still hasn’t learned after 79 years of privileged life. She hasn’t learned the self-control thing either. I might just start feeling sorry for her, since I see her as pitifully poor by failing in the class and self-control departments.

Don’t think for a minute that my whole home life is ranting and raving. It’s not, although the lack of civil disagreement has me venting more than usual. But if I feel the need to vent, I sure don’t do it publicly. Pelosi must be totally off her rocker to throw her tantrum in front of millions of witnesses and destroy an official document. No class. No self-control. How can she retain her position when she lacks these basics?

It’s a sad commentary to see how much attention Pelosi has gotten for her disgraceful conduct. And here am I—giving her 601 more words than she deserves. Shame on me.

Be safe, stay informed, and thanks for reading!

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