Nation of Immigrants

ThinkerWe are a nation of immigrants. Every discussion on the topic of immigration begins that way. That comes from the mouths of people generations removed from any true immigrants.

Assuming that everyone who comes here to live wants to be, when do we become a nation of Americans? When do we fold them into that great American melting pot. We have learned recently that stepping through the front door does not necessarily mean that everyone who does so wants to embrace his Americanism. That was not the case at Fort Hood nor was it the case in New York’s Times Square. That is our problem. It is a self-inflicted wound bleeding the life from us. In recent years, the bleeding has come in great spurts as if from a severed artery. There are reasons for it. If we do not apply a tourniquet, it is only a matter of time before America bleeds out.

At the forefront, we have allowed ideological to replace logical. Look at our national debt and energy problems. There is no logical reason for us to be where we are. Ideological utopian views are the cause. That mindset is why we insist that we are a nation of immigrants rather than insisting that we be a nation of Americans. Nothing much hinges on reversing that. Only our survival.

Political correctness is killing us. It has turned honesty and directness into ambiguity read as cowardice by the very people who want to destroy our country and everything it stands for. Illegal is undocumented. Terrorism is a man-made disaster. War is an overseas contingency operation. Islam is a religion of peace. We cannot scrutinize anyone who fits the profile of every terrorist we ever encountered. That is profiling and offensive. Dead Americans are apparently less offensive.

We like to misdirect our anger. There is nothing logical about that. If we kill radical Islamic terrorists, it will make them hate us more. Instead of directing our anger toward the source of the threat, we direct it toward our Soldiers through name calling and court martial. We criminally investigate our intelligence operatives who, at great risk to their own lives, must encounter the threat up close and personal. We direct our anger toward Arizonans, who tiring of drug dealers and crime and trying to protect themselves decide to enforce a federal law that the federal government refuses to enforce. The Supreme Court of the United States held up as Constitutional a law that says military service is not a right and that homosexuality is incompatible with military service. The military, forced to comply with President Bill Clinton’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, becomes the villain.

It is offensive for school students to wear tee shirts with American flags on them on May 5 – in America. When wearing an American flag on any day is insensitive or insulting, how insulting and insensitive is it for the families of 9/11 victims, hell all Americans, that a mosque is being constructed at ground zero. A nation of Americans will respect the sovereignty of any nation, but stand beneath the flag of none.

Moral relativism has turned America gray. As a nation, we seem no longer able to draw a clear and distinct line between right and wrong, moral or immoral, good and evil. For years, the ideology has moved us from God toward Godless. It has moved us away from our foundation.

The ideology tells us that if, guided by the superior intellects running our country, we follow the European socialist model we will not become Greece. Our gut and simple logic tells us that we are instead on the express train to the Acropolis.

The utopian ideology tells us that if we bring all of the world’s different cultures and languages together in one place, open our borders and celebrate our diversity with hyphenated identities that we will somehow not become the Balkans. Logic tells us, no border, no language, no self-identifying culture, no America.

Nation of Americans or nation of immigrants?

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2 Replies to “Nation of Immigrants”

  1. Rob of Arabia

    Ironic how an “Arab-American” won the Miss USA tournament last night.

    Guess we should have called her the new Miss Arab-USA, right?

    Only in America!

  2. KdluWard

    “Political correctness is killing us. It has turned honesty and directness into ambiguity read as cowardice by the very people who want to destroy our country and everything it stands for. ”

    Perfect! I’ve been preaching this for years, just not as concisely as you.

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