No sure things

I hate politicians almost as much as I hate the Mets and I don’t even know a Met. It is a friendly kind of sports hatred. It started in 1969. That is when the Cubs went from a 9 game lead in September to finishing 8 games behind the Mets. They were so sure of themselves, they even had their own song, Hey Hey Holy Mackerel. Now, it is the Mets again. Just proving there are no sure things. It is just baseball and I do hate politicians more.

Suzie-Q saved her mums from the first frost of the season. With a short warming trend, they have at best another week or two. Then they will take up residence in the compost pit. I wished I could say the same about the presidential campaign season which seems never ending these days. Everything is so politicized that anything a person says or does is evaluated for its political impact. Nothing is looked upon for its value to solving any of our country’s problems. If it was not so disheartening and dangerous, it would be funny. Saturday Night Live does politics. It is never ending. Just step back and take a look and be honest about what you see. There seems little interest in righting the ship of state and much interest in getting your guy or gal into the Whitehouse. And it matters little if they are proven liars and charlatans. It is a sad state.

We hear it all of the time. That is the expressed trust that when Election Day rolls around the American people will do the right thing. When it comes to national politics sadly, most Americans are ignorant. Ignorance can be corrected over time by educating people or on the other hand the same education system can breed ignorance of our history, government, and political system. When you add ignorance to a healthy percentage of stupid people, the problem is compounded. And you cannot fix stupid. One can be informed and still stupid. So if a real candidate presents him or herself to the American people, he or she must overcome the politically ignorant, the hopelessly stupid and the one thing that is never talked about seriously – vote fraud. Also, you must add the media. Among them you also find ignorance and stupidity, but in these times they are guided by ideology rather than journalistic integrity. Lastly, there is the most pitiful hurdle to overcome – dereliction of duty by the 50 percent of Americans who do not vote.

The tree rodents are digging up my yard. You can see little potholes all over the landscape. They seem to be forever in search of their buried nuts. They just cannot seem to remember where they buried them. There were some nut shells lying on the front porch steps. It rained on them and left walnut stains on the concrete. I was trying to clean that off and Suzie-Q asked me what it was. I told her it appears a squirrel was sitting on our front steps playing with his nuts. Yes men, I got the look. To which I responded with a, “what?” That is the kind of plain talk that would nowadays undoubtedly disqualify me from public life.

If there is any single entity that is the most harmful to our country, I would have to say that it is career politicians. They all sing the same tune, but it lacks rhythm. It is robotic and without sprit. It is the save the middle class good paying jobs jingle. Television political ads are juvenile at best. Here in Wild and Wonderful, politicians want to be seen hugging a coal miner these days. It is just getting tougher for them to locate one that actually has a job. But, there is that promise to fight for those good paying coal jobs even when the politicians are the prime reason those jobs went away. Pure politicians do not care about the middle class. They are focused on the donor class and hoping they can rely on ignorance, stupidity and a little fraud tossed in for good measure to pull them over the finish line. But, this time around save the victory song. There are no sure things.

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