Now that you have it what are going to do with it?

I was raised up in a southern West Virginia holler. If you prefer the English language untainted by West Virginia coal field dialect, you can call that a hollow. It has also been called yeller (yellow) dog Democrat country meaning that if a yellow hound dog was on the ticket as a Democrat, the dog would be elected.

Speaking of hound dogs, every house along the road had one or two, whenever a vehicle passed by a house and raised the dust from the yellow dirt road a hound dog yapping at the wheels would give chase. The most commonly asked question from the front porch was, “What do you reckon he’ll do if he ever catches it?”

For the first time in my life, West Virginia has elected a Republican representing the Congressional district where I was born and raised. Democrat Nick Rahall was a lifelong politician. The only job he ever held was the Congressional seat he inherited from his daddy. He lost to Democrat turned Republican Evan Jenkins, so we have us a technical Republican. It reminds me of politicians like Michael Bloomberg who frequently changed stripes if he thought it would get him elected. So, until Mr. Jenkins shows me otherwise, I expect nothing much different for the coal field district. Hopefully, he will not validate my cynicism.

Across the country political pundits are calling this a wave election. The West Virginia state legislature flipped Republican also. For me, another lifetime first. That happened in other states too, even with governorships.

It is interesting. Here in Wild and Wonderful, Democrats and Republicans alike ran against Obama and the war on coal. Must have been really uncomfortable for the Democrats even the Republican converts.

The President did not appear too impressed. He said he heard the one-third of the voting population that turned out for the election. He said he also heard loud and clear the two-thirds that did not participate. I do not at all believe he heard them. Somehow, in his narcissistic mind he believes that absent two-thirds supports him. Here is what I heard Mr. President, especially from out of work, union, and typically Democrat voting coal miners. What happened to hope? What have you done for me lately? Or maybe it was, “Utopia sucks!” More than likely, it was we are not willing to vote Republican yet so we will sit home and show you what happens when you choose golf over governing and left wing environmentalism over the lives of working people. Republicans, at least the conservative variety, understand that last one. I offer McCain and Romney.

The question for this Republican pack of hound dogs is now that you have it, what are going to do with it?

I am having trouble getting pumped up. Maybe it is too many times disappointed. What I see coming is amnesty repackaged as immigration reform with a promise of border security. A promise we have heard too often and one unfilled from the 80’s. I see talk about tax reform never amounting to much more than cutting corporate tax rates with no changes where it hits my wallet and yours. Talk of repealing Obama care will lessen until it is no more. The insurance lobbyist dollars are too big to resist. If reliance on government is necessary for a bigger surge in energy production, it will not happen. Just as it did not happen the last time Republicans were in charge. The President will do as he pleases for the next two years because impeachment is “off the table.” The Senate will confirm Eric Holder part 2 and ignoring the laws of the land will continue. With the election over, Washington will fall silent on the many scandals and no one will go to prison or even get a strongly worded memo. Country club Republicans will sip cocktails with the Democrats and life in Washington will return to normal – government by the Congress for the Congress.

Or, Republicans, you can prove me wrong.

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