Once Upon a Representative Republic

ThinkerIn a pure democracy, the people exercise power directly rather than through elected representatives. The United States of America is not a pure democracy. The founders never intended us to be one. If we were a democracy, however, the American people would have voted directly on whether or not we should have government run healthcare. If you believe the professional pollsters who are mostly accurate, otherwise people who rely on them would stop paying them, there would be no nationalized health care.

Our government is a democratic form because we exercise power through elected representatives – that is the idea anyway. Therefore, we are a representative republic rather than a pure democracy. In theory, our representatives are supposed to govern with the will of their constituents in mind. Obviously, this is not working out so well for us since we now have the nationalized health care that most of us did not want.

Communism is a form of government based on Marxist socialism where the people own nothing. The government owns and distributes everything. Think about the phrase “redistribution of wealth.” It is a totalitarian system wherein a single party is in control and decides what is produced and how and what is best for you and me. The will of the governed does not count. We call this the People’s Democratic Republic of China or the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. We once also recognized it as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR.

A dictatorship is a form of government where absolute power is concentrated in a dictator, a government organization or a group. We call this Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela, and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Each of our states elects people to represent them in the United States Congress. They are in the form of 2 Senators and a number of members in the House of Representatives determined by the state’s population.

So through the process of elimination, let’s see where we stand here in the Land of the Free. Although you hear the word often from liberals, it is clear that the United States of America is not now nor has it ever been a pure democracy.

We were founded as a representative republic guided by the law of the land which is the United States Constitution. A document with its guarantees of liberty and preservation of individual rights helped build the freest and most prosperous nation in human history. It provides most importantly the checks and balances of the separation of powers through the 3 branches of government, legislative, judicial and executive. The legislative branch crafts the bills. If passed by a majority of both houses of Congress, the executive signs those bills into law or rejects them with a veto. If it becomes necessary, the judicial branch determines the constitutionality of the laws.

We have problems when any of the branches of our government break outside their constitutional parameters. It can happen when Congress writes bills using bribery and parliamentary chicanery to pass bills that are in direct conflict with the provisions of the Constitution and the will of the people. This slips our representative republic down the scale in the direction of communism. It can happen when the Supreme Court decides that private property can be taken away and given to a for profit entity or that a choice to kill an unborn baby is a right. This moves us somewhere between communism and Alice’s Wonderland. It can happen when the executive branch actually believes that an after the fact executive order trumps federal law passed by both houses of Congress and then signed into law by the executive. This is the kind of thinking that moves us either toward mad hatterville or Zimbabwe.

That 8th grade civics lesson was for the benefit of the 3 branches government that forms our constitutionally directed representative republic and who all need to report to remedial middle school government class. Right after Election Day in November.

Today’s oxy-moron: Pro-life Democrat.

© 2010

American conservatives must fight on implacably to repeal Emperor Obama’s healthcare coup

4 Replies to “Once Upon a Representative Republic”

  1. Captain America

    “If there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action.” (p.) Declaration of Independence

  2. Captain America

    I lived that time, CaptainO, and I agree. My thanks to everyone who has served our country; God bless you. When I was 16 in 1964, and many times after, I made the comment that “someday these freaks will be running this country”. NOW THEY ARE.
    Many people in this part of the USA are expecting a real shooting civil war, and it is no joke here.

  3. Rob of Arabia


    My Dad served 25 years in the USAF as a fighter pilot with a one year tour in the Pleasure Palace. He too (as well as my Mom) never forgot the sneers or looks from the anti-war movement youth. Now long retired, he resides close to Sacramento, CA and enjoys telling me he lives near a ‘target rich environment. A couple of well placed napalm bombs might do this country a big service.’

    If only, is my reply.

  4. CaptainO

    Many moons ago, I was in LAX waiting on a plane to return home to Wichita, Ks after voluntarily spending 18 months in Uncle Sams Pleasure Palace in Southeast Asia. A very rude and some what dirty long haired left wing nut job saw me standing there in uniform. He made it a point to walk over and sneer at me and called me a “baby killer.” The irony of it all is the fact that this person probably supports the on-demand abortion written into the “health care” bill that passed yesterday. The current herd of left wing nut jobs that now surround our president fail to realize that there are still some of us alive today who remember them. Let everyone who still has the will, take out that 1911 A1 they have in box because if things do not turn around in the next election you may have need of it. I pray it never comes to that, ever. But, history has a very nasty way of repeating itself. The Tea Parties have already started.

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