Our Moral Fabric

I believe America’s is a bit tattered.

Considering the road our nation is traveling, the law commonly mislabeled as “Don’t ask Don’t Tell”, will likely be repealed. The smart guys and gals in Washington believe that is the thing to do. Many of them, calling themselves political conservatives have stated that maybe we should just let these “social” issues go and focus on other more important things. I believe there are no things more important.

The moral fabric is what holds everything else together. For many years, the concerted effort has been to unravel our country’s thread by thread. Commencing with removing God from the public square and murdering unborn children to the veritable destruction of the traditional family unit it is only logical that our country’s most respected and trusted institution, our Armed Forces, be a major stepping stone toward turning America into New Amsterdam.

I hope those serving in or leading our armed forces who are championing repeal of the law that states that homosexuality is not compatible with military service understand that this is not about military service just as homosexual marriage is not about marriage. It is about declaring as a nation that homosexuality is normal behavior and that homosexuals should have protected status under law as a minority class. That is what it is about, period. So, when the law is repealed, do not expect legions of homosexuals to overwhelm military recruiting stations.

I know that there are homosexuals serving now. The impression one gets from the party line, however, is that military units are literally filled with homosexuals just waiting to come out of the closet. I expect the number is not that great. I also expect that the majority of those who are serving are not the in your face radicals who are pushing this issue and prefer to keep their lives, including their sexual proclivities, private as do most people.

When this law is repealed, understand that our Armed Forces do not move in half-steps. When homosexuals are given minority status by law, expect the military to lead the way with homosexual affirmative action, annual homosexual –American history and culture celebrations and recognition of homosexual partners as military dependents. Of course all of the endless government forms, where one must declare his race and gender, will need modification. I do not know how that will work. If sexual orientation is to become ones identity, do we make it a new race or do we create a third sex or do we just replace gender identification with sexual orientation? Would we include a block for pedophilia? Is that not also a sexual orientation?

Without checking too hard, I can assure you that since 1993 when this law was passed the military has separated more fully trained, qualified and productive Soldiers for being overweight (and in case you are curious, overweight by military standards would probably be a svelte civilian) than for being homosexual. The people inside the service who are cheering for homosexual service do not hesitate to chase away overweight Soldiers many of whom want to remain in service. They are dishonest if they do not admit to that truth. Of course there is a new war on our nation’s immoral fat people. Fat is just not acceptable. So as service in the military becomes a new right by law, will we recall all of these fully qualified and trained Soldiers who were separated against their will for being overweight?

There is another issue here that bugs the living daylights out of me. It is the red herring of integrity. The argument is that homosexuals must lie about who they are in order to serve. Are you not curious about why the policy is dubbed “don’t ask”? A person does not have to declare his or her sexual orientation on entry into the military just as no one has to declare his or her preferred form of sexual activity. And who in the heck wants to in the first place? Will that not have to necessarily change?

There is an integrity issue here though that is bigger than keeping ones sexual preference private. It will impact military leadership more than it will impact the troops. Military leaders who do not believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable behavior will be asked to abandon what they believe and pretend that they do accept it. Some will put up a politically correct façade and pretend. Some will not.

Military leaders who actually live by the strongly professed values that comprise their code of honor, which includes integrity above all else and candor, will lose their careers for having the courage to stand by their personal moral convictions and telling homosexuals that they cannot accept their behavior as moral. The military will lose good leaders.

To reiterate, repealing this law is not about service. Like marriage, it is about taking down the institution.

We need to end all of the phony baloney hooey and get right down to the brass tacks of this issue. Are the people of this country ready to accept laws making homosexuals the country’s new minority protected class? That is the goal by the way. Man’s law condones a lot of things these days like murdering unborn babies, but man’s laws cannot change what I or anyone believes, thinks or accepts as moral.

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Passage of the measure may also spur broader debate about issues like gay marriage rights. Kate Kendell, the executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said debate over the military policy “ignited a national conversation not just about the ability of lesbians and gay men to be good soldiers, but about the underpinnings of all sorts of government-sanctioned discrimination,” she said. Wall Street Journal

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