Our time is now

We the people must overcome the man-created divisiveness cancer that is destroying our land.  For our new national leadership, this is the most important task ahead.  Failure to cure this sickness makes it incredibly difficult to solve any problem or have every American embrace a vision.  The root of modern day divisiveness typically runs no deeper than the people who perpetuate it.  We can no longer tolerate national or other influential leaders who can only thrive and survive on divisiveness and negativity no matter their declared political persuasion.

Our time as a nation is now.  We must embrace America.  It is the one place on this earth that has prospered more than any in the history of the world because the people who came here embraced a single ideal that surpasses all others.  It is the ideal of individual liberty where personal beliefs do not supplant the common principle.  I know that may sound a little hokey to the younger generations or even socialistic in some manner to the slightly older, but it is not.  What it implies is that within the bounds of law we can freely practice our beliefs without fear of persecution, but we cannot force anyone to accept them nor can our government.  That core of our national identity applies to all belief systems.  It means we of varied beliefs share a commonality.  It is the cohesion that binds us and requires us to sometimes lay aside what is deeply held and agree as one to aggressively guard and defend the republic that permits us to freely practice and express our beliefs.  It is the reason our ancestors came here and it must be the core belief of all Americans and new immigrants.  It is the only true man devised utopia.  In this world, it has only ever existed beneath one flag.  For it to survive, those here and those that might come must be fierce guardians of it.

The people in the mirror have choices to make.  We can spend hours, days, or the rest of our lives trying to pin our condition or the state of our nation, whatever it is, onto one faction or another.  Or we can spend our time moving toward our common purpose.   It is the goal laid out in our charter – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It comes with an acceptance and understanding that it is the starting place that is guaranteed us not the ending place.   More importantly we must agree that we are a nation of laws not men.  We must be the place where Lady Justice indeed wears a blindfold and her scales are without a doubt balanced.   And while all laws may not appear fair and just for every individual, from our top citizen and our most wealthy down to our most common citizen, we must all abide them and those charged to enforce them must do so fairly and transparently always tinged with compassion and mercy.

Common purpose and visionary leadership can certainly propel our nation to greater heights.  We put men on the moon with technology that could not power the phone I carry around in my pocket.  We did that because a visionary leader inspired us to greatness.  We are promised now that we will “Make America Great Again.”  A slogan will not get us there.   It is true that we have many domestic problems to solve as well as serious foreign policy issues.  Solving those issues are necessary to get our nation back on the right track.  But, if we truly are going to be “great again” we need to embrace our common purpose and reinforce it with a great visionary challenge.

© 2016 J. D. Pendry

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