Paradoxically Dichotomic

Or, absurdly contradictory. Just picture yourself inside your favorite liberal’s head. It should be safe in there, and roomy. Not much brain matter. Not many firing brain cells.

Islam embraces the West.

We went to Iraq supposedly to shock and awe. In round two of our battle with Babylon, our magnificent armed forces chewed up the “elite” (Why do the liberal media always call the other guys elite something or other?) Iraqi Republican Guard – again – like it was a third rate terrorist militia led by Baathist buddies of Saddam and filled with unmotivated conscripts. Then, after we shocked and awed them, we decided that we needed to rebuild their country, teach them about freedom and democratic government, and bring their society up out of the dark ages. It took us long enough, but finally we declared success one day and we left. We did such of fine job with our cultural enlightenment program that we now learn that the morality cops are stoning to death teenage boys who commit the crime of looking western.

In Afghanistan, one of our training objectives is to raise the literacy level of Afghan soldiers. All the way up to first grade level. So, in a nation where most of its people including its soldiers cannot even read their Koran, a murderous riot can be churned up at the drop of an Imam’s little black hat. We wanted to bring the Afghans up out of the dark ages too. Another cultural experiment failed. [ Ishmael ] “will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”Genesis 16 (NIV) (Listen) We have done so well that the soldiers we are training routinely attack and kill their unsuspecting American trainers. And we promptly apologize for our Soldiers getting in the way of their bullets.

We went to war with “radical Islam.” While Americans are told of the evil we oppose, our country is filled with liberal Islamic apologists, some of them in rather high places, declaring that this is “the” religion of peace. How does a nation dredge up the will to fight a war against the religion of peace?

Freedom to choose.

Liberals demand the freedom to choose. Understand that when a liberal speaks about freedom to choose he or she is talking about killing an unborn baby. That aside, why do such people so vehemently embrace an ideology that robs them of their individualism? Everyone who does not agree with them is called a fascist. Fascism, in case you may have forgotten, favors dictators, centralized control of private enterprise, and repression of opposition. It is rather left wing in its thinking. If they ever achieve their goal, there will not be a free man or woman among them.

Moral Values.

The liberal voice insists that I am trying to impose my moral values on everyone. They say this with spit flying out of Chris Matthews face while insisting that I embrace homosexuality and abortion among other things. Absurdly contradictory?

1 percent versus 99 percent.

The 1 percent has all of the money stolen from the United Auto Workers union. They want to ride around in their gas guzzling vehicles wasting energy and burning up the planet. The lowly 99 percent wants what the 1 percent owes them. They also long to breathe clean air, crap on police cars, and ride around in a Government Motors Volt while typing out messages on their I-phones.

So, let me see if I have this one sorted out.

First, I (allegedly being part of the 99 percent) must purchase myself, in order to save my country, a forty thousand dollar Volt. I must then plug it into the electric power grid to charge up the batteries so that I can drive it to the grocery store because that is about as far as it will take me on a charge. When all of us have Volts to recharge every single day it will be quite a drain on the power grid. Those windmills will have to be spinning at a high rate because, well, the administration has already stated that it has an objective of bankrupting coal fired electric power plants. And, they are shutting down at a regular rate. While we fundamentally transform our culture into a commie energy plan, what source is going to replace the energy produced by coal? In case you did not know, coal produces more than half the electricity in our country. Not to worry, we have been assured that under current plans electric rates will necessarily skyrocket.

So here I am with a fire hazard parked in the garage (if I still have a garage by then) and plugged into the house juice. I have been laid off from work by some evil 1 percenter and cannot afford the payments on my electric machine much less my skyrocketing electric bill. Every penny I spend to keep my Volt on the road is going to support the Government Motors union pension and health plan (exempt from Obamacare by the way) that builds electric fire hazards on the side. With all of these grand schemes to fundamentally transform my country into a liberal utopia, the middle part of that 99 percent to which I belong progressively shrinks until it no longer exists. When the middle class is gone, what will we have? Kenya? Where the brothers of Presidents reside in 6 by 9 foot huts subsisting on less than a dollar a month?

Can you wait for the good life in utopia?

Me too. Go work on your bunker.

© 2012

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