A phobia is a fear or an irrational dislike of something or someone, if you can believe the dictionary. Consider, however, that some of the same people who wrote our public school history text books may have compiled the dictionary. I do not fear the word phobia, but I do believe that I have developed a rational dislike for it. Much like I developed a dislike for the ist suffix as in racist and sexist. I think I may have developed some new phobias because of it too. Cretinphobia comes to mind and moronophobia.

I am not Islamophobic, Buddhismphobic, Hinduismphobic, Jewphobic, Wicanphobic, Druidphobic, Mormonphobic, Scientlogogistphobic, Athiestphobic, Darwinismphobic, Global Warmingismphobic or any other religion phobic you can imagine or invent. I do not accept the beliefs of these religions and will never follow their chosen paths. I do not fear them because none of them can make me do or believe what I do not want to do or believe. What they believe does not offend me one bit. Although with the witting or unwitting aid of Congress and the courts they might try making me accept what they believe, but like them, I was blessed with the free will to choose my way. I do become a little concerned about those who think that I must believe as they do, be subservient to them or by them be dead. It is not a concern that translates into fear. It is one that produces a rational dislike for irrational people and requires that one possess an adequate means of self-defense and preferably the skill to rapid reload and stay on target.

Just because I do not support open military service for homosexuals or homosexual marriage, I am also not homophobic. I do not fear homosexuals. I do not accept their behavior, never will, but I neither fear nor hate them as people. There is in me a rational dislike of their behavior. As long as they do not try to force my acceptance of it as normal nary a peep will they hear from me.

Xenophobia is another phobia tossed around a bit too much these days. It makes the pundits sound sophisticated when they use it, but most of them would have to look it up in a dictionary to know what it means. I would be in trouble if I were xenophobic since the single most important person in my life comes from a country and culture vastly different from mine. We have cultural differences, different customs, different food preferences and language. But, and this is an important but, we believe the same important things. There is only one true God. He gave us our freedom. If you get it, you earned it. If you believe it, defend it. No one owes you anything. Help others when you can. We live in the greatest nation God every allowed to exist. For going on 39 years, our common values have made the bond between us even stronger. We never try to prove that one culture is better than the other. It is like the common bond that once existed between Americans. We came from different national and ethnic origins, but those strongly held and shared American values –God given freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness bound us together with common purpose. Now the stinking communists in Washington want to end that. Sorry, I did not mean to digress to another topic. Now that I think of it, I probably am a little, maybe more than a little, xenophobic if one considers that Washington politicians might represent a distinct culture that is foreign to the remainder of Americans.

I really did not intend a dissertation on phobias, but sometimes I get wound up. I do have a couple of questions for you. What about these pro-abortion people. Are they lifeaphobic or babyphobic? I am just asking. During this time of year there are plenty of people who get their drawers in a bunch about Christmas. During all the other days of the year they exhibit an irrational dislike of Christianity in general. Have you ever heard a member of the media declare them Christophobes or Christianphobic? Me neither.

Have a Merry Christmas unless of course you have a fear or irrational dislike of Christ. If that is true, well, have a Merry Christmas anyway.

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