Political Virtue

I went back to the archives and looked at what I was thinking during the 2008 presidential campaign. It is more than a little disheartening. One thing we seem incapable of is learning from past stupidity.

On February 17, 2008, I posted For the sake of your political virtue. (This link takes you to a web archive via the Wayback machine because not long after that the bunker was mothballed for a time.)

We are a self-centered bunch blindly following a collection of self-centered and self-anointed know-it-alls. We follow them to the brink of forfeiting our freedom in trade for knowing that we managed to preserve our personal political virtue. Yes, we voted our convictions for the “best” person. The one our assessment convinced us was politically pure enough to merit our vote. Regardless of the fact that he or she had no chance of taking that political purity to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Still, we have people who insist that the perfect candidate is not on the ballot. That is to imply that there is such thing as a perfect politician, man or woman for that matter. One who can truly be all things to all people and fulfill all promises delivering us to a blissful environment in which all of us can feel safe and flourish. In this world, that person simply does not exist. I assure you, however, that someday the perfect candidate will arrive and He will not be on any ballot. Until such time, it is our job to ensure that we have a place from which His light might still brightly shine.

If you can, please explain to me the lesser of two evils concept. Frankly, it is a rather tired cliché in a world that seems to function on the strength of platitudes followed by clichés followed by more platitudes.

Just as before, I hear the chatter insisting that there is no candidate who is going to move the country in the right direction insisting that one will just destroy it quicker than will the other. One insists that he will vote for the Constitution party candidate, another the Libertarian and still others insist that the best candidate cannot break through the establishment and get on the ballot so they cheer for a third party. The communists must surely love this.

I really do not care what anyone’s political persuasion is. If we got down to brass tacks, most people would turn out to be political mutts rather than pedigreed and pure. It is human nature. If your foundation rests on a political party, then you have already forfeited that virtue you so adamantly defend.

Survival of a nation is at stake and along with it freedom as we know it. There is no lesser of anything. There is good and there is evil. The preservation of God given freedom is good. Anything less is evil. As Americans, that is our charge. We have throughout our history, less the most recent years, been the guardians of God-given freedom. Either our country makes a U turn back toward that foundation or we give away to the control of men what God provided.

So if you are a political purist who must seek out the perfect candidate to assign your vote, then ask yourself to what end. I know, I have heard your arguments – at least until I switched off your radio program or stopped reading your columns and for a certain collection of you put your email on auto delete. You will be able to live with yourself and look admiringly upon your image in the mirror because you were strong and you voted for the right man. Therefore, whatever happens to the United States of America was none of your doing.

Mr. or Ms. Political Purist, it is about choosing good over evil. There is no lesser. There is only one or the other. Your vote will only go into one column. Pray for guidance.


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