“There is no distinctively native American criminal class except Congress.” – Mark Twain

To be fair, not all politicians in Congress are criminals, however, I cannot find it within myself to defend the innocence of a single one of them that is there now. I will, however, stand to defend the first one who finds the courage to poke his fingers in the eyes of his charlatan contemporaries, especially the members of his party, who are systematically destroying our country. If that person stands up, he or she will be the unique one who has managed to keep hold of his soul.

Do you know how to identify these Politician-Americans – Mr. Twain’s distinctively American criminal class? That man or woman who is more dedicated to the prosperity of the Politician than they are to serving the American? Their focus is status and political power and doing whatever it takes to hold on to both. To that end, they will plant their lips on any posterior, grease any palm, craft tall tales of their accomplishments, claim credit for all that is good and lay blame for all that is wrong. In their noses, imagine large brass rings connected to leather straps. Straps held on to by the special interests that provide them their campaign cash and the special favors that add to their personal comfort and wealth. Out of their mouths come words crafted by focus groups and political pollsters. To the extent that they own even a fraction of their souls, these poor devils must suffer constant internal conflict. Conflicted because they promise what the pollsters tell them they must, all the while knowing that they have to deliver the goods to those who exert Faustian control with sharp tugs on the strap that is attached to their nose rings. It does not matter if the goods delivered to their political masters are opposite of the promises made to hapless and gullible American voters. To them, the means justify the end and the end is retaining their status and political power. American voters buy the promises. The special interests buy the politicians. This is the pitiful and corrupt state of politics in America.

The Politician-American begins every conversation telling you that most Americans agree with or most Americans want the snake oil he is trying to sell. He promises to deliver his badly needed snake oil only if he gets cooperation from his reluctant colleagues across the aisle. This is what the pollsters have told him he should say. He has no more mind of his own. That went along with the soul he sold to the people who control the tension on his nose ring strap. He cannot tell you the truth because his truth is whatever he must say or do to keep his political office. He will decry the politics of old and the failed policies of the past offering hope that he will change both. What he hopes for, however, is that Americans will not awaken to the reality that the politics he practices are the politics of old that produced the failed policies of the past. Both are ageless attributes of the world’s true oldest profession. He will always promise good paying jobs for all Americans as long as we go along with his snake oil formula. The alternative formula for America, he will tell you, is just too bad to even contemplate therefore; we must act now before it is too late for us to come back from the edge of the precipice on which we are precariously perched. Only his way can stave off the next great catastrophe and there is always a looming catastrophe.

The problem for them is that Americans, to use one of the snappy political buzz phrases of the time, are finally connecting the dots, between special interest groups, corrupt politicians and failures in our economy, energy security and national defense. They have, however, delivered on one promise. There is bipartisanship in Washington. Political corruption has no difficulty traversing the aisle.

Now, as the lights are switched on for Americans, the flurry of Congress people who suddenly need to spend more time with their families is like a herd of cockroaches heading for the exits. Ironic as it may be, these Corrupticans and Corrupticrats have done a great favor for our country. They have opened the eyes and hearts of Americans and energized the citizenry into what is shaping up as a ballot box revolution so overwhelming that even the organized voter fraud will not be able to counter it.

Every American owes it to every other American to take a wire brush to the Congressional candidates in their own home districts, hopefuls and incumbents alike. We must send to Washington, Americans who are able to put service before self. We must replace the Politician-Americans with American-Americans.


5 Replies to “Politician-Americans”

  1. David D. DeWitt


    The closest I have seen to the unselfish politician is one I know from my home town (I know-a bit of bias but my town also claims Russ Feingold) in Janesville Wisconsin, Paul Ryan. He does many things that was started by SEN William Proxemire. Remember the “Golden Fleece” award? Ryan does the same these days looking at everything from Government spending to wastes created by his peers in DC.

    I know none are the perfect examples to represent us the way we expect based on our Constitution, but he is the closest I know. Also he is a Republican Congressman representing a highly Democratic demographic.


    SGM(R) David D. DeWitt

    PS, Thanks for coming back.

  2. Old Trooper

    I have no doubt that the Founding Fathers could not envision an “Elite Career Politician Ruling Class” when the Constitution was scribed many years ago. If so there would have been some Term Limits written into that document. With incumbency over decades, a great many elected officials have acquired power and become distanced from those they serve. The opportunity to abuse that power and neglect the “Service” that is implicitly spelled out in the Oath of Office comes to mind.

    There are “offenders” on both sides of the aisle in my opinion and the back room dealings as of late and earmarks have been pretty clear evidence of that as the deficit has soared to an insane level and Congress has shown itself to be both irresponsible with the public purse and “economically illiterate”.

    The meddling in the private sector in the arenas of Health Care, Private Industry, Banking and other issues in which .gov has overreached their Constitutional Authority is appalling to me. Running a government on borrowed money is neither prudent or sustainable. The American taxpayer is also at fault for voting these clowns into office. I am assured that when the Congress raises taxes to pay for this mischief and taxpayers/voters feels the effect some folks will vote more prudently but it reminds me of the old saw about locking the barn door after the horses have been stolen.

    It may take a decade or so for America to pay the piper. We have met the enemy and in part it is Us. I am not affiliated with any political party but neither one seems to “get it” at this point in time.

  3. CaptainO

    Forty one years ago I took my first oath to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. In basic traing I learned what Semper Fidelis meant. For forty one years have done my best to keep those as my banner and as my guide. Yes, today we face an enemy that has come from foreign origins but now it is an enemy that is of our own making. It has become a domestic enemy. It wears many names but the root of the problem is that an oath to defend has turned into an oath with no meaning any farther than a game of CYA. It comes to me that almost all of those that have taken an oath to protect and defend the consitution of this country, yes, our politicians also take that oath, have no concept of what that means. Semper Fi and welcome back to the front lines JD. http://www.oasisoutreach.org

  4. RADAR101

    Last I looked, most legislatures were made up of 85 to 90 per cent attorneys.
    After completing a fair amount of law school. I determined that the warning contained in a COSTCO Handbook, relating to doing business in Mexico, was fair warning about attorneys.

    The warning said” Remember, in Mexico, the truth is relative”

    Our warning should be,”The truth to any attorney is elastic and situational”

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