By Dee Armstrong

Dee Armstrong

The tree is barren, clearly dead for many years. It still stands straight and tall on the side of the highway to Kalispell, Montana. It serves as its own headstone. At one time it was filled with leaves, color and life. Now, it is a sad and stark reminder of the circle of life.

Now, a visitor comes to bring new meaning to what’s left of the tree. The bald eagle returns daily to perch on its chosen limb, gazing on acres of surrounding fields. Just a glance and you cannot miss this great American symbol, providing a new silhouette for what was previously a monument to death. The eagle crowns this lifeless obelisk with the glorious treasure of life once again. The tree is now the proud staff for a regal display of America’s strength and survival.

I am privileged to witness this awesome twosome nearly every time we drive to Kalispell. It’s a breathtaking image that never ceases to amaze me. God bless this worthy tree, the powerful eagle and the greatest country on earth. Happy Independence Day, America!

Be safe, stay informed, and thanks for reading!

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