Spring is renewal. The grass is green, the dogwoods are in bloom, and the azaleas are ablaze. The little league baseball fields are alive with activity. Not long ago all of it looked lifeless. It was cold and gray. The baseball field sat empty, missing its heart. Each year, our spring moves into summer, then to an often breathtaking autumn only to be followed by a cold, sometimes colorless winter unless you count blankets of white snow. Beautiful in a countryside landscape, but quite ugly when touched by man and turned into dirty slush covered city streets. When it seems that winter may have beaten us down, life springs forth again in an uplifting explosion of beauty that man could never create. We are rejuvenated. For a time, at least, until we are pulled back to earth by the weight of a world whose warm bright light appears flickering and her brilliant colors fading toward cold gray. The question in our hearts is always the same. How do we break free to enjoy our God given gifts? There is only one way that I know.

Today is Easter. It is the very essence of a new start, a new chance with a promise to never revisit the darkness – if we start now and do things the right way. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have victory over the darkness, but we must choose it.

Light over darkness. As choose men, so goes nations.

You will not find the United States of America in the Bible. You will find many accounts of the nation of Israel turning away from God, turning away from the light, only to be left by God to suffer at the hands of their enemies.

At this very moment in human history, Americans are about to choose. We will choose either the spirit of freedom or the darkness of communism. We stand in our autumn. Our brilliant colors are fading into a long, cold winter. One from which, as Americans letting go of our Judeo-Christian values, we may never visit another spring. In a nation so blessed by God I never thought that there could be such a choice to make. Most of us did not. Maybe that is why we are where we are. We have allowed a nation where freedom and tyranny, light and dark, good and evil have become so blended that for too many, the choice is not a clear one.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. – 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NIV)

I know a woman who grew up in one of the Soviet Communist east bloc nations. She told a story of walking along the street and seeing a line of people going into a store. She said that you never knew what the line was for, but you got into it anyway because maybe at the end there would be some oranges or something else that was rare. There is no one who has lived their entire life in the United States of America that can recount such a story. Yet, too many Americans unknowingly pine for a life controlled by government. They are unable to see what communism, socialism, Marxism, Islam or any other political scheme billed as utopian will bring to them. How it will snuff out the wick of freedom on the now flickering American candle.

The United States of America was founded under one enduring principle. God-given freedom. It is no accident that we are the world’s most blessed nation. At our founding, we placed our trust in God and sought the protection of His divine providence. As long as we live up to our side of the covenant, we will be blessed.

Communism is Godless. It cannot exist in a country were the people believe that their freedom is from God. So the communists (under whatever name they call themselves these days) had to first remove God.

Communism cannot stand in a nation where the people hold firm to Judeo-Christian morality. Now, if you do not accept homosexuality and promiscuity, you are labeled a bigot or an out of date prude. Traditional marriage and traditional family, the bedrock of our society, is practically gone.

Communism cannot stand in a nation whose people are united for freedom. So the communists look to divide us and set ‘identity” groups one against the other. Race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, you name it. At the end there is only one group. The party. There will be no hyphenation. There will be no individual liberty. You get the only thing the party offers. Darkness.

Communism cannot stand in a nation that holds on to the economic freedom borne of the God given freedom that created such abundance and prosperity. So, they attack wealth and capitalism as evil.

Communism cannot stand in a nation where there is a free and objective press. Sadly, we have not had that for many years. When there is a voice that exposes the communists for who they are, every effort is taken to silence it. There is no communist free press.

Communism cannot stand in a republic that holds to its constitution. So the communists make our Congress irrelevant and replace a congressionally approved cabinet with a bevy of unaccountable communist czars.

Communism cannot stand when there is a Supreme Court of the land that ensures that our government adheres to the Constitution. So now, the leader of our nation has set the final battle in motion. It could be America’s last stand.

Will we renew? Or will America go quietly into a long dark night?


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