Restoring Sanity?

Comedy Central’s faux news men John Stewart and Steven Colbert held a rally in Washington DC on October 30, 2010. They called it the restoring sanity rally. It is just what America needs- two more half-wits attempting to restore sanity. The half-wit- in -chief and his bevy of half-wit czars along with the two half-wits in charge of Congress could not do it so maybe it was okay for them to take a shot. But, to be fair I do not believe sanity was in the vision statement of the current Washington regime. At least not sanity as it is viewed by those who are actually sane.

I am not sure if the Stewart-Colbert comedy cabal with its union rent-a-crowd actually defined which form of insanity it is from which we need to recover. The liberal’s brand of insanity they endorse or the clinical brand of it that permeates Washington. Again, in fairness, I am not sure there is much of a difference

Maybe it is me who is insane. I do periodically entertain that thought during these self-chats.

If, however, the goal of the comedic duo was the restoration of sanity, maybe it was not such a swell first step to have Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) as a featured guest. Yusuf, who was Cat before his conversion to Islam, thought that the fatwa issued calling for the death of Salman Rushdie was a good idea. He supported it. What was Mr. Rushdie’s crime against Islam? He wrote a novel, The Satanic Verses, that was considered blasphemes. If we applied the same mindset here in America, where the half-wits wish to restore sanity, public stoning would necessarily replace baseball as the national pastime and they would be in the on deck circle.

After our comic crusaders for sanity fix Washington, we should put them a Huffington Post purchased union bus and send them out to California. They have an unemployment rate of 12.4% out there. They have a budget deficit of $25.4 billion. They are taxing and regulating businesses out of the state. They will not confront their illegal immigration problem, which costs them $9 billion a year. To fix the problems facing their state, they once again elected Jerry Moonbeam Brown to the governorship. They sent Barbara “don’t call me ma’am” Boxer back to the Senate and they blessed America with San Fran Nan Pelosi. If you banged those three heads together you could not produce a single spark of sanity. Californians selected the people who created their problems to fix their problems – now that is insanity.

While out there on the left coast, maybe they can find out for us why California’s sane would want to legalize pot and ban the happy meal? Are doobies better for the children than cheeseburgers and French fries? Oh, I forgot about the initiative to ban circumcision. Reckon the cops could check for that when the pull you over for talking on the phone and not wearing your seatbelt. I wonder if our sanity cops, Stewart and Colbert, have a sanity red phone. We need to call them and tell them to get on the first thing smokin’, well maybe not smokin’, toward California.

Maybe we can get them to work on this one too. The next time Colbert has an in-depth discussion about world affairs with the dude that lives in the Whitehouse, he can make sure that the dude-in-chief understands that Iran is a rouge state. Arizona is not.

I know that our warriors of wit are going to be busy trying to restore sanity, but I would ask them to make one stopover in Oklahoma on their way west. They can put their arms around Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange and explain that Sharia law may work just fine for Islam, but it does not quite gel with the United States Constitution – or anything American for that matter. But that brings me back to where I started this self-chat. Maybe I will see if I can find Peace Train on ITunes

Maybe it is me who is insane. Hee-hee. I’m going to go work on the bunker.

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2 Replies to “Restoring Sanity?”

  1. phaedo2000

    I understand how you feel about self-chats; but fear not, you are not alone, it’s just that leaving a reply was a little complicated.
    Re: California, you forgot to mention their union problems – greater I think than their illegal problem; they keep raising their pensions and benefits, and not only at the state level, but at the local level, and they are if not unfunded they are certainly waaaaay under funded. And they (public unions) refuse to admit there is a problem.
    Yup, insanity – but maybe not; they are counting on the other insanes you mentioned to bail them out.

  2. Irishhawk77

    I have a good friend in CA that sold his home in 2007 on contract and had to foreclose on it this year. The taxable value has dropped 35% in the 3 years according to the county he lives in, however, with the property now in his name again the taxes over the 3 years have increased by 15% over what they were when he sold it. Not onlly is the government bankrupt, they are now working on bankrupting the citizens.

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