Revolting Revolution

People who have been in this world awhile and experienced life in America at its toughest and at its best are expressing fear. I have been personal witness to it. It is fear of a revolution and not one in the spirit of the first American Revolution. They fear one that ends in death, destruction, and loss of their freedom. It is a revolution that “fundamentally transforms” the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic into a Chairman Mao-like communist dictatorship. One that extinguishes the true beacon of “hope” that the United States of America has been to the un-free world since its founding and transforms it into gulag America.

It is a revolution whose logical outcome is the total annihilation of the strong American middle class for which the communists always profess to fight – the strong middle class that is and has always been the backbone of our national strength and character. Take down the greedy banks they preach. Protect the down-trodden middle class. And the stupid trust fund kiddies camped out on Wall Street embraces it. And they will be the first residents placed on the boxcar headed for the gulag. Michael Moore will get his own boxcar. Unfortunate for them all, useful idiots never get invited to the victory celebration.

It is a revolting revolution that leaves us with the “Washington Party” the wealthy who own the party – yes the evil wealthy – and a remainder that does whatever it needs to each day to put meals on the table. The occupy idiots endorsed by the American Nazi party, Communist Party USA, and other assorted socialists and Marxists, as is establishment Washington, are bought and paid for by George Soros and company. When is the last time you heard a Washington politician questioning the antics of Nazi collaborator Soros?

This promised fundamental transformation takes us from being the most prosperous and freest nation in recorded human history to third world dictatorship status – in the blink of an eye. It is a place where a person must choose to remain free or submit to an authoritarian, oppressive and potentially murderous regime.

We should pray we never have to make that choice, but while we are doing that we must ensure that we are prepared to defend those things we most cherish. The things that made our country great and that have been slowly dismantled over the years. Those are a reliance on God, a dedication to the family unit and the willingness and desire to defend our country and shore up these solid foundational blocks.

We need to be led back to what was once the greatest place on earth. We need to be certain that we do not fall into the trap of following a leader whose words do not exactly meld with their past. We need to be wary of false prophets – those who promise much, but in the end are more devious than the leaders replaced. Proven false promises of change and hope might bring some change, but certainly they can destroy hope if that hope is misplaced.

We need a solid leader. We are courted by many who profess to be so these days. Some of them are establishment chameleon politicians firmly entrenched in the American ruling class aristocracy. They are the go along to get along reach across the aisle maverick country club class of Republicans – not conservatives. As before, we are told that we have to choose one of these otherwise we cannot win. You see, it is winning that is important. The problem is that “we” word. If one of these is elected, who wins? The establishment wins and there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment – both want to control our lives. There is no representative conservative party in America. There are only the establishment parties. One co-opted by the communists and the other by the country club crowd.

So, where do we turn? At my Church, we gather in prayer for our country. That is a good first step.

We were courted by one with potential who many felt was of common conservative stock. Sarah Palin, however, left us at the altar. One hint as to why might be when establishment spokesman Chuck Krauthammer who, on the day she bowed out, declared that she was out because she most definitely would have lost. Let me explain that one if I may. It was Tea Party Conservatives who gave establishment Republicans a landslide victory in the 2010 Congressional races – whether they or Chuck like it or not. It was establishment Republicans refusal to support the peoples’ choices for some Senate races that ensured establishment Democrats continued control of the Senate. Establishment is establishment. R or D matters not. The establishment ruling class would rather lose an election than have a person in the Congress or Whitehouse who they cannot manipulate. Especially those lacking country club pedigrees.

Herman Cain is doing a great service for this country, although I do not think he will pick up any Republican establishment support for it. What he is doing is showing the world that racism is a commodity of liberalism – no matter the color of the liberal. Neither Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, nor Paul will get establishment support either.

Face it conservatives. The fix is in. It is Romney’s turn and he will lose the general election. And America will be over. Unless, there is a true patriot red, white and blue revolution.


Soros: “I’m having a very good crisis.”

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  1. Captain America

    AMEN Brother, AMEN. Sometimes I am baffled that so many seem unable to see the forest. I hope that our legacy is “to not just say; I told you so”. Please keep up the good writing.

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