Saving lives?

In the 1960’s, I was a high school teenager. Routinely, there were school walk-outs and sit ins and protests of about every variety. Along with being the hippie, psychedelic, pot smoking, hallucinogenic drug generation we were also the protest generation. Typically, they were anti-war protests, but almost anything else would do. Most of us had no idea or didn’t care about the purpose. We were malleable kids and these were fun social gatherings. We were tools used by political activists. Some of them were actual protestors or at least they were the ones who passed out the flyers inviting the rest to walk-out. Our social media was mimeographed paper invitations passed out in the hallways of the school. The large remainder were like my friends and me. We were happy to skip classes en masse with the “protestors” and not get into to trouble over it. We had our celebrities too. Communists lake Jane Fonda and liars like John Kerry and on the political side the likes of Ted Kennedy and others. As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun.

Kids of my day thought they were helping stop the carnage of war. What they helped accomplish was ginning up hatred for the military. It was an unwarranted hatred. They reveled in denigrating the young men who chose to serve their country when called. Young men who were welcomed home by the same idiotic protestors carrying signs calling them baby killers. Even in those days, the media could make a tiny percentage of protesting Americans appear to be the majority. Especially when the media, from top to bottom, agreed with them. It was a media quite capable of turning victory into loss and a Democrat war into Nixon’s war.

Many of the young men fighting and dying in Vietnam’s jungles were under age 21. In their time, not even old enough to vote. The 26th Amendment to the US Constitution permitting 18-year-olds to vote was ratified July 1, 1971. By then, Vietnam was in drawdown. Interestingly, the most prominent argument at the time was if someone was old enough to go to war they should be old enough to vote. Being 18 at the time, I agreed with that argument. Looking back, I had no business voting. The influences on my thinking were not yet tempered with real life. Vietnam Veterans scarred by war returned home to what appeared an ungrateful nation. The experience hardened some of them and broke others. This is the legacy owned by my generation. Nowadays, there is no compunction about sending heavily armed teenagers into combat yet we won’t let them buy a beer and don’t want them to buy a firearm until they are 21. How many more of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights are we to assign an age limit?

Now, 17-year-old foul mouthed children, political tools of the day, vilify members of the National Rifle Association and promise to vote against any Republican and our Constitutional liberty. Sad thing, they know nothing about either. In one year, lacking any life experience and demonstrated ignorance of the significance of the bill of rights and history, our 17 -year-old will step into a voting booth. This is what brain washing looks like. No different from the Hitler youth of their day. Who, by the way, were also used by Hitler to promote gun control. That turned out well. If you want to see how Hitler did it, read How the Nazis Used Gun Control, Stephen P. Halbrook, National Review, December 2, 2013. Then get the image of the snot-nosed teenager doing the Nazi salute and inviting his comrades to the revolution.

A couple hundred thousand were out marching they declared to “save our lives.” They received wall-to-wall media coverage. Once again, the slanted media is able to make a tiny percentage of Americans appear as the voice of the majority. Saving lives is the mantra and the way to accomplish that is by removing the means of law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

There was another march not long ago. It too was, quite large. It did not garner wall to wall media coverage. It did not have any big named foul-mouthed celebrities or teenagers making speeches. But, it truly was a march for life. Collectively, since 1973, Americans are responsible for the deaths of 55 million children. The evilest societies on earth responsible for genocide into the millions cannot compare to the atrocity we’ve committed under our man-made law. According to the Congressional Research Service on Gun Control Legislation, from 1993 to 2009, there were 544,006 firearms related deaths for people of all ages. The majority of these deaths were result of legal interventions, suicides, accidents, and other unknown causes.

The ancient religion of Baal, whose last known remaining temple was destroyed by ISIS, sacrificed their children and worshipped with sex acts performed by male and female prostitutes. So, what are we doing? As a people, we are asked to hate the National Rifle Association (NRA) who, as far as I can find, is not responsible for the death of anyone. The NRA does not receive any tax dollars. It stresses and teaches firearms safety. It is an effective advocate for the 2nd Amendment right of US Citizens to keep and bear arms. In our country, Planned Parenthood commits more than 300,000 abortions each year out of the more than 900,000 that occur. They also sale body parts of fetuses. We Americans give them 500 million dollars of taxpayer money each year to help them commit this atrocity.

It is almost a certainty at least some of the children marching to save lives from gun violence had a brother or sister aborted. One would think that if life is truly important to our children protestors then the thought of ripping a defenseless baby to pieces is exceedingly more violent and evil than gun violence where the victim at least had the possibility to fight back. And it happens in greater numbers each day than those who are victims of gun violence.

We’ve built ourselves a sex-centered society and our young anti-gun spokesman cannot complete a sentence about his parents without lacing it with f-bombs. Around our country we pay for the temples that sacrifice our children. Gun control is not a solution to our problems. Basic human decency is. God is.

© 2018 J. D. Pendry

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