Searching for utopia

Utopia is supposed to be the perfect place politically and socially. Throughout the ages people have sought it. Philosophers described their versions of it. Others have sought to achieve it only to leave in their wake pain, suffering and death. You can find versions of it playing out across the world today. These failed utopias have commonality. The demands that everyone have the same, be the same, do the same, live the same. Become a society devoid of what they claim to have sought. Diversity, equality, and justice by now you know the meme well.

The quest for this perfect society seems to always begin the same way. Adhere to this religious doctrine or none. Think as we do. Do was we demand. Never disagree with our utopian approach. A promise of social justice, equality and sharing the national wealth. And if you do as we say, it will be a wonderful society. Refuse and we have gas chambers, beheadings, and mass executions because the earth must be rid of those who stand in the way of utopia. Modern varieties still include death, but it also includes the absolute personal destruction of anyone not toeing the line.

Here in the land of the free there is an ongoing search for something. Maybe in the eyes of the searchers it is utopia, but by their actions if it is utopia it is the single layer, one size fits all, our way or the highway existence. Their utopias certainly not mine or that of anyone who does not embrace them or their ideals.

In my life, I have been fortunate to have held some important leadership positions. I have been challenged, but have never failed. I have never come into an organization with a mindset that everything about it from the foundation up was wrong and to fix it I had to fundamentally transform it. The road to success was not about demanding that everyone adhere to my views except for the view that says there are rules we have written for ourselves that we must follow and there are standards we must reach to achieve success.

If you despised the very tenants of an organization or country and its stated purpose and your worldview was wholly incompatible with it. How could you possibly lead it? Watching over recent years we have seen the absolute failure of leadership that insists all is wrong and must be changed while displaying total disdain for the led. Leadership convinced through upbringing and indoctrination of the evil of this place. A place not worth keeping. Such a leader, in the zeal to transform us in the end will only destroy us. And through blind arrogance and hatred will continue to insist they did a good job and may have done decidedly better if not for those who opposed their idealistic road to utopia. Ideologically blinded, they never saw the true utopia that was before them.

The United States of America is a country with open arms. That is why most want to come here or did want to come here. But, we are also a country of laws and the law of our land is the United States Constitution. It is not a holy book from any dominion. It is not what tyrannical leadership wishes it was.

The Constitution is an amazing document. It is the only one of its kind that guarantees freedom for the citizenry. Guarantees the right to worship the deity of your choice or none and guarantees the government will not interfere with the free exercise that right or impose a religion upon the people.

Guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It does not give anyone or group the right to impose their views on another. That is the American way. Is it not? If everyone bought into that precept and lived their lives accordingly, would that not be as near utopia as any political or social system devised by men?

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