Silver Spoons

Well Mr. Romney, here we are sir. You are indeed the man. When the Maverick was shot down in 08, I said that it would be your turn next. You see, that is how it is done inside your country club. Alas, you are the warrior with whom we must engage the fight for the life of our nation. Ann Coulter would dub you Saint Mitt. I am not so overwhelmed.

I predicted you would win the nomination and then lose the general election. I am not Karl Rove, thankfully, so I do not rely on a lot of political, establishment mumbo jumbo to tell me the likely outcome. Nor do I rely on over the top pontification of those either for or against you. For me, it is not that complicated. You simply have not proven to me that you are a scrapper. Oh, I will vote for you anyway because if my choice is between what we have now and road kill, I will indeed vote for the road kill. Others, except for Ann, might not be so inclined viewing the outcome as either quick death by a shot in the head or a slow one by a thousand cuts.

Have you ever been in a street fight Mitt? A bar room brawl? A bench clearing de-cleating? Even a tiff over the back yard volley-ball net? That could be part of your problem. I believe you could probably throw the volley ball at your sister and storm away in anger, (of course you would apologize profusely later) but I am just not sure how well you might fair in the other scenarios. Whether you realize it or not, bud, you are in a hair pulling, eye-gouging, shin kicking, foot stomping, bust you in the doggoned head with a trash can lid, street fight. It is not going to be fair and you cannot intellectualize it away. Sadly, you are not the best equipped, qualified, blah, blah, blah. Especially not with that plastic smirk of a grin that appears frozen to your face. You are not Clint Eastwood brother. Put on a George Patton warrior’s face now. And, if you are not prepared to do like the General said, grab him by the nose and kick his behind, go on back home now.

The silver spoon scared you some, I believe. When you are in a street fight, do not let your opponent dictate anything. If he bear hugs you, you head butt him until his face get mushy. Then he will happily let you go. Silver spoons are a blessing for you, attack with them.

Most Americans were not born with a silver spoon. Most Americans would like to have a silver spoon. Most Americans do not want to take a silver spoon away from someone else. They would prefer to earn their own silver spoon. Most Americans want to live where there is opportunity to obtain a silver spoon. Do you grasp where I am headed here? There is no other country on the earth where the opportunity for a person to honestly obtain wealth is as great as it is here in the land that God blessed. You have to make that argument and you have to make it with urgency and concern. And you have to continue to hammer it home all the way up to Election Day.

Then, you have to explain where we are headed if we keep along the utopian pathway. There is no need to mention that our President’s parents were communists, or that his grandparents were communists, or that he was mentored in adolescence by a communist or that his political career started in the home of a communist. But, you could ask Americans every day to ponder why an image of Chairman Mao, a communist mass murderer would be allowed to adorn a Whitehouse Christmas Tree? You do need to show that he is on track to fundamentally transform our free republic into a single party communist state of which he is the dictator.

You will have to teach Americans about communism. Show them some starving North Korean children or the 1950’s model cars zipping around Havana. The communists believe the government should confiscate all of the silver spoons. After which, the government will decide who, if anyone, may have a silver spoon. In a communist state, there are no silver spoons except those in the government vault. Government has all of the wealth and to stay in power, it generally needs to keep it.

Then, explain that in a communist state there are no co-equal branches of government and systems of checks and balances. The head of state makes any parliamentary body, in our case the direct representatives of the people, irrelevant. He surrounds himself with Czars accountable only to him. Like what we have now. Then he challenges the validity of the courts, like now.

Take political correctness and put it in the dumpster. We do not have time for you to explain how we are turning in to a European style socialist nation. No, brother Mitt, we passed that long ago and if we do not have a new president and control of Congress in January 2013 there may not be another free election in America.

And, stop with this mime that he is a good guy and he is just in over his head. He is a much better communist than you give him credit for being. Understand, and make America understand that he is going exactly where he intends to go. He intends to turn this place into a 3rd world communist state. Make it clear to Americans that the choice is freedom or communism.

Forget the polls Mr. Mitt. This is bare knuckles and nothing is certain. Communists do not go quietly and there will be more lying, cheating and thievery than you can possibly imagine. It will be a tad tougher than the back yard volley ball tiff.

Are you ready to rumble?


Malkin – No More Mr. Obama Nice Guy

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