Snob class versus America

Can you even watch the news without pounding your head against the kitchen countertop? If so, you are a better man than me. It is difficult to maintain the mellowed-out docile personality that I have worked hard to develop 12 years post-Army. I want to yell not so nice words in the direction of the television and kick some furniture. Fortunately, my wife’s frowning on such behavior keeps me in check.

Even Fox News, that self-proclaimed bastion of fair and balanced views with an occasional snippet of conservatism added, is revealing itself as the Karl Rove, Chuck Krauthammer, DickMorrisdotcom center for establishment elitism. Common people lacking Ivy League pedigrees shall not be allowed to break into America’s ruling class. Karl, Chuck and dotcomDick, with help from the Bill O’Reillys, stand as firm guardians. They have placed a near impregnable barrier at the club’s front door. The 82nd Airborne Division would be challenged to breach it. Do you not find it amazing? The people who were likely smoking pot and despising the establishment in the 60s are its most staunch protectors today.

Thanks to such people, the American caste system is alive and well. Sorry Sarah, but they have concluded that you simply do not possess the intellectual credentials and requisite class snobbery for admission into the Beltway Country Club. You probably did not stick the pinkie out far enough while sipping your drink at the hockey game. Maybe they saw you shooting a caribou or gutting a fish. Bully fine conduct for a Teddy Roosevelt, but not for you, you commoner – and woman to boot. Who on earth do you think you are? O’Reilly assures us, however, that he is looking out for us – the folks. The folks Bill? Maybe you can convince Mitt to make like John Kerry and “get me a huntin’ license.” Take off your tie and roll up your sleeves Mitt, you’ll connect buddy – with someone. The establishment loves you, but they are scared to death of a lone woman with an independent mind who does not kowtow to them. A woman who has a love affair with God and her country. For pedigreed politicians, that is a scary combination.

They allow lunatics who collect Congressional salaries and send obscene photographs of themselves to college students into the club. After Bill Clinton, they must consider such acts a resume enhancer. How else can you explain the conduct of John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Look where our Krauthammers have led us. To charlatan’s, crooks, thieves, liars, womanizers, union thugs and not so closeted communists. But they all looked and sounded so good. Then George Will, that pinnacle of faux conservatism firmly ensconced in the liberal media, asks who among us can trust Sarah Palin with nuclear weapons. Frankly George, who among us can trust a collection of nattering Washington beltway knot heads to offer Americans anything worthy of the time it takes us to turn off the television before we projectile vomit all over the flat screen? Hey George! Do you reckon there is a chance that she would decide, unilaterally without the vaunted United Nations blessing or without consulting the United States Congress to intervene in a civil war and start dropping bombs on another country? And then refuse to abide by the lawful requirements of the War Powers Act? Well George? Karl? Chuck? dotcomDick? Anybody?

I do not profess to know a lot. There are some things I do know. It is what most Americans know and maybe Harvard can splain’ it to the snob class. Most Americans are fed up. Fed up to our eyeballs with incompetent, self-centered egomaniacal bone heads who believe they know what is best for the rest of us having never walked a mile in our shoes. We are fed up with the most immoral, unethical, Godless collection of humankind ever gathered in one place short of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Do you know what else I know? On Election Day Americans are not going to line up to vote for the establishment’s pick – from either side. dotcomDick will have a new poll out soon and a book that discusses how the establishment’s pick can win without getting any votes.

It is a sad state. I have a headache. I am going to go reinforce the bunker.


“Undefeated” Palin: Authentic, American, Exceptional — Game on! – Atlas Shrugs

Palin’s background is blue collar. Her father was a schoolteacher who never made more than $23,000 a year. Her mom was a homemaker. Her husband is working class and she belongs to no political dynasty or any insiders clique either in the beltway or Alaska. She is us. She is the quintessential maverick, an outsider, but despite this, she beat old boy powerhouse Republican Frank Murkowski in the primary before crushing the competition in the general election to become Alaska’s youngest — and first female — chief executive on sheer goodness and will. – Atlas Shrugs

6 Replies to “Snob class versus America”

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  2. Zero Ponsdorf

    Well, I simply don’t watch TV news or the talking heads. I’m an ignorant old fart who reads his news (albeit on-line), and then checks the sources as best I can.

    I gave up when opinion replaced news, and bias tainted both. Might have been when Uncle Walter told me The War was lost while I was still fighting it?

    Another fine post as usual. Thanks.

  3. Rob of Arabia

    I gave up on ‘Father Bill’ years ago as another talking head just selling his books. Sadly, the same has happened with George Will who, for many years, took on the likes of Cookie (well named) Roberts and Sam (the man unusual) Donaldson as the sole voice of reason on ‘This Week’. David Brinkley must be rolling in his grave as he looks across the cable & satellite landscape and grimaces at what we now consider ‘journalists’. On the flip side, David would be having a field day with the likes of Twitter and Facebook to mock when wrapping up another This Week show. A ‘Weiner’ crotch shot? Ahnold fathering a kid from an assistant on his staff, ten years ago? And yet the ‘media’ is quick to mock Sarah Palin about Paul Revere??

    ‘Mlliewilson’ is right – where indeed do we go now?

  4. milliewilson

    Right on J.D. For years I turned to Morris, Krauthammer, O’Reilly and Rove for an objective assessment of the Nation’s situation. Lately I have been doubting their ability to think independently and without fear of looking “out of touch” with the elites. Where do we go now?

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