Socialism leads to Communism. Communism kills.

What is a Communist?  One who hath yearnings for equal division of unequal earnings.  Ebenezer Elliot 1781-1849

Fascism and Communism, like all other evils, are potent because of the good they contain or imitate…. And of course their occasion is the failure of those who left humanity starved of that particular good.  This does not for me alter the conviction that they are very bad indeed.  One of the things we must guard against is the penetration of both into Christianity – availing themselves of that very truth you have suggested and I have admitted.  Mark my words:  You will presently see both a Leftist and a Rightist pseudo-theology developing – the abomination will stand where it ought not.  C.S. Lewis, Letters of C.S. Lewis, January 17, 1940

In October 2019, I wrote about communism.  Too many Americans, especially our younger generations, do not understand this evil.  That is a failure of our society.  The pure socialist society many yearn for always morphs into a communist one.  By necessity it does.  Because people accustomed to freedom and prosperity, even if they’re gullible enough to vote for socialism now, will fight to free themselves of it.  Because right now, as many people cheer for it, they do not understand what they will forfeit.  The freedom and prosperity they’ve taken for granted.  The inalienable rights God gifted all humankind.  Why?  They’ve never learned about it.  It’s a failure of public education and a culture that insists everyone gets a trophy.  Everything is free, all outcomes are equal, utopia achieved.  When everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless.  When there is no incentive to achieve, no one achieves.

Millions are dead because they opposed the utopian fantasy of socialism and communism.  They’re buried somewhere in mass graves or incinerated.  Keeping a nation captive to tyrannical and dictatorial government often requires a culling of the herd.    I know.  That sounds ugly.  It is ugly.  It’s way beyond ugly.  It’s horrifyingly ugly.  Some will even declare that hateful speech.  Sometimes the truth needs to hit you in the head like a piece of dimension lumber to get your attention.  Socialism leads to Communism.  Communism does not make people equal.  It makes them serfs to the ruling party inner circle, or it makes them dead.  Serfdom or death.  That’s the equality destination of socialism.

Snake oil salesmen are out there touting the greatness of socialism.  Some are bold about it.  The most devious try to camouflage it as something wonderful.  It’s democratic socialism they declare.  Like Norway and Sweden and Denmark or other European capitalist social welfare states.   Yes, they are capitalist social welfare states not socialist sates.  Their cradle to grave social benefits are paid for with 40-60% individual tax rates.  Add to that a national sales tax (Value Added Tax (VAT) ) that doesn’t care what your income is.  For Norway, Sweden and Demark for example, it’s 25 percent.  Taxes on everyone, not just the wealthy.  There is no climbing the social ladder when the government requires half or more of your middle-class income and tops it off with a hefty VAT.  The limits of European welfare states are being tested and overburdened by mass immigration as are the limits of their tax paying citizens.  This or worse is what’s being offered to Americans.  And, likely out of ignorance, they’re cheering for it.

Do you want to follow any of these pied pipers into socialism?  What do you think that looks like?  The United States economy is in better shape now than anytime in several decades.  Unemployment rates are lower than ever.  Lower for women.  Lower for minorities.  Wages for middle class workers have increased.  Retirement accounts are increasing.  All of that a result of deregulation and lower tax rates for businesses and corporations making the United States the preferred location.

What does socialist utopia look like?

Socialism or democratic socialism is like saying progressive rather than communist.  None of it leads to equal anything.  It destroys nations and lives.  Medicare for all?  Trillions of dollars.  Elimination of private medical insurance.  What do you tell the Senior Citizen who was forced to pay for Medicare all of their working lives that now everyone gets a trophy?  What do you tell the factory worker who has a job after being told these jobs were never coming back?  Now that taxes are necessarily raised (business and individual) to pay off student debt, Medicare for all, free college and who knows whatever else, his or her job is on its way back to Mexico, or China.  What do you tell people who live on military pensions and social security when the government has no money to pay them?  Or when the government has to put more currency into the system to pay for all the free stuff and those pension checks that were not sufficient in the first place won’t even buy groceries any more?  A duffle bag full of dollars for a loaf of bread.  If there’s any bread remaining on the store’s shelves.  What do we tell the military that we expect to defend us when they do not have the equipment they need or funding to fix what they have?  And what does a starving disarmed citizenry do?  It dies.

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