Socialism’s Snake Oil Salesmen and Who is Running the Show?

By J. D. Pendry

Bernie Sanders has always called himself a political independent.  My conjecture is he did so because socialist or communist parties are not acceptable to the majority of the US voting public.  At least they weren’t until recent years.  But now that’s a question isn’t it.  There is information out there advising that Sanders is a no doubt about it communist who even spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.  Others insist he’s a democratic socialist.  That appears his preferred choice.  The difference is the communist will just take your stuff, your wealth, and your dignity while the democratic socialist will convince you to vote to give them your stuff.  Bernie is quite the salesman.

Sanders is somewhat like Karl Marx.  Both were college educated although Marx much more so than Sanders’ Bachelors Degree in Political Science (want fries with that).  Both shared their socialist ideologies to whomever would listen.  When it came to work, both were bums.  Marx mooched from Engels, his communist cohort.  Sanders was 40 years old before he ever earned a paycheck.  How is that even possible?  Sanders has been in Congress as an Independent socialist since 2007.  It’s been a lucrative job.  Sanders now owns three homes.  He’s not a 1 percenter, but he’s far above the typical working class American.  Under his own sworn to socialist philosophy, snake oil salesman Bernie Sanders is not about to be an equal member of his socialist utopia.  How many houses does a member of the classless society need Bernie?  Socialism for thee, but not for me?

Ocasio-Cortez, who will not be recognized here with a monogram, supposedly earned an undergraduate degree in economics and international relations from Boston University.  Her bona fides landed her a bartender’s job.  It was a profession I aspired to – when I was 16.  I’ve tried to figure out how someone quits bartending and is promptly elected to Congress.  Then I remembered that old Bernie did much the same thing.  Here’s an intriguing video about New York’s bartender Congresswoman, suggesting she and others are merely the face of something more sinister.  And it’s easily believable causing me to take a more critical view of young charismatic, coached up snake oil salesmen and women who make meteoric dashes from bartending to media darling Congresswoman.  And isn’t it amazing how national media ignores the obvious?

There are others besides Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez who are running hard to the left, but they are old established politicians trying to weather the storm.  They’re doomed.  This little tsunami of young Democratic Socialists is going to roll right over them.  The likes of Schumer and Pelosi do not know how to deal with them.  They are treating them as distractions and believing they are not powerful enough to cause harm.  Nancy and Chuck are playing the dangerous game of hoping the alligators eat them last.

Others in world history were also not taken seriously.  A least not until it was too late. 

For you, utopian warriors young and old, who want to call everyone you dislike a NAZI please examine Hitler’s policies and compare them today’s paradise peddlers.  Hitler’s policies were welfare state socialism.  Hitler’s Nationalism, however, was exclusive to his vision of the superior Aryan race.  The same manner in which some are trying to characterize the United States.  History shows he declared disliking socialists and communists and killed off the socialists in is party.  Hitler’s economy was capitalist.  It is not a stretch to say Hitler’s economic approach is much like that of today’s European welfare states along with the lofty tax rates necessary for the government to provide all the free stuff.  It’s quite similar to what’s being pitched by America’s snake oil salesmen.

To take hold, every movement needs an enemy.  Someone or some group on which to focus their anger.  Hitler had the Jews and if you read Steve Briscoe’s account of the Holocaust and the evil behind it you can see how that turns out.  This new movement has it enemy.  Once you get past the inanimate climate change, it’s President Trump and all of his supporting deplorables wearing MAGA hats.  There’s a difference between the Jews and us.  We have the 2nd Amendment.

Buy more ammo.

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