Spirit of Freedom

I took 2009 off from the internet and this blog. When I returned, one of my first posts was the Spirit of Freedom. Scanning the horizon, it was the most pressing issue I could see. Freedom was slipping away from us and because of us. It was then and is now a dangerous time for Americans. That makes it a dangerous time for the world. I do not believe most of us are prepared for the possibility that America and her spirit of freedom could be gone from the world. And what that would mean. Each of us needs to contemplate the possibility.

The spirit of freedom is an attribute unique to the United States of America. It is what makes this the lone exceptional nation on earth. I am afraid that idea is lost to many Americans. It is not even a thought on the minds, I fear a majority, of America’s political class. It does not even register with the privileged classes. It is certainly lost to the people who have wealth and some manner of fame who get preferential treatment most anywhere whether in America or in hell holes like Cuba or North Korea. If all you have ever known is the good life, freedom is little more than an abstract, even antiquated, thought. Freedom? Do we not all have it?

At great cost, we have learned that we cannot export the spirit of freedom. Cultures that have never been free have it ingrained that government will always take care of it whatever it is. The people are accustomed to dictators and corrupt governments. We send our young men and women into foreign lands convinced they are defending the spirit of freedom. They fight, die, and defeat their enemies on the battle field only to watch America’s political class squander whatever was gained. When the political class decides the battle is finished and our warriors depart, the culture reverts to what it has known for centuries. It has never known freedom. The spirit of freedom cannot be sown then left unattended. It must be cultivated. Unless and until generations have known it, it will never take root. People wonder aloud why American forces are still in places like Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Look at those free and prosperous nations. It speaks for itself. There must be an end for us in such places, but where it has been cultivated the spirit of freedom will remain.

The United States of America was born free. Freedom was guaranteed to the people from the outset. Americans have never known anything but freedom. But that is changing. It may seem like nothing, but we are being told everything from what we should eat, to what we should drive, to what kind of health insurance or to which doctor we must carry our needs. We are being forced to buy a product the majority of us never asked for or wanted and it was forced upon us by the body of men and women we elected to serve us and be the guardians of our spirit of freedom. They failed. They, the protected political class, continue to fail us each day. And there are reasons for that.

The spirit of freedom is not on the minds of the Washington political class. For decades, it has not been. Most Americans cannot look back decades. They cannot find the lost years on Facebook. Washington is corrupt. It always has been to some degree and nowadays the level of it, from the Whitehouse to the smallest Congressional district, is breathtaking. But something is happening. The light of truth is beginning to shine brightly across the land of the free. People are stepping up to challenge the status quo. The spirit of freedom is seeing a spark of life.

Americans, born free Americans, are growing tired of politics and politicians. Growing tired of buying energy from cultures that cannot live in harmony with one another much less in harmony with a free society. Especially when we have more of it in the ground than all of them combined. Growing tired of social engineering. Growing tired of aristocrats, bureaucrats, autocrats, plutocrats, politic-rats all of them. Growing tired of phony elites who presume themselves smarter than the rest of us. Growing tired of those in power who believe than can ignore any law or make up any rule that fits their mood. Growing tired of people who are trying to lead America, but are trying to lead her away from the spirit of freedom that is the underpinning of this most exceptional nation. Americans are tiring of the government’s refusal, all of the government, to secure our borders and actually protect our homeland and our spirit of freedom.

Americans are growing tired of politicians that will not deal with corruption – the most blatant, egregious corruption in the history of corruption all because they believe it will hinder their chances in the upcoming elections. Americans are growing tired of politicians who lack the spine to do what is right.

Americans are growing tired. It is time for Washington to understand the power of the spirit of freedom. Up close and personal.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

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