Stand up or take a knee

Last year, the National Football League threatened to fine players for wearing cleats honoring 9/11 victims.  Before that came the Tim Tebow Rule banning players from putting Bible scripture on their eye black.  Now we have players who show disrespect to our national anthem, our flag and our country.  Spineless owners and a feckless NFL commissioner insist that these America protesting players have the right to freedom of speech.  Not so, I guess for the players who wanted to honor 9/11 victims and their Christian faith.  There is just something upside down about that.  Before owners and the commissioner stop the political protests at sporting events, they will stop playing the anthem because ahead of anything else, they fear being labeled.  They are cowards.

For the protesting players, you privileged and wealthy men living in the only country in the world where you could enjoy such wealth and prestige for playing a game, I have a request.  When the honor guard brings the colors on to the field and the anthem is played, turn away from the cameras and toward the fans who paid exorbitant prices to watch your football game.  For some of them, it may be a once in a lifetime event.  Take your knee or raise your fist to them.  If you can well up some courage, look them in the eye and let them know that you detest them, their country, their flag and their national anthem.  Get right up next to the stands when you do it, you big strong courageous men who have never served anything but your ego.  What have you done for our country?  For the communities that you feel are so oppressed?  How have you used your millions and fame to make a difference?  Maybe you have the solution for the south side of Chicago.  Or maybe you are just attention whores.  Here is an idea for you.  Why don’t you just walk out and stay out until all of the problems you perceive are solved.  Then we can see if anyone misses you.  See if football can survive without you.

You disrespect every man and woman that has served or is serving in our United States Armed Forces.  You disrespect every man or woman who has sacrificed life or limb defending you and the way of life that you find so deplorable.  These gallant people drawn mostly from the middle class of our country possess more courage and character in a pinkie than you can well up from your full sized self.  Most of them will never have the money to attend an NFL game.  The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Police Officers and First Responders meet the challenge every single day behind the lone ideal of preserving liberty.  Preserving the ideal that allowed you, like any other American from any walk, to be what you wanted to be – the ideal that has allowed us to overcome our problems while standing on our feet not taking a knee.  You do not measure up to their standards, not by a long shot, but they will continue to defend you while you show contempt for our country.  Find me one other country on this planet where that happens.

Have you watched how poorly Hollywood is doing?  They are calling this year a box office bust.  Ratings are down.  People aren’t buying tickets.  Americans are tiring of Hollywood hero Captain Americas showing their ignorance.  We watch movies for entertainment.  We are not interested in a red, white and blue movie hero character on one side that on the other side shows his utter contempt for half of America.  When you add that to the point that 90 percent of Hollywood production is pure garbage, you can understand the decline.  So, when a failing NFL quarterback takes a knee because his own pride is hurt and you other social justice warriors follow along in blind solidarity you should not be shocked when the NFL ratings tank.  When ratings tank, revenue drops, and people stop buying tickets, stop wearing your team jersey… they just stop.  They stop paying your salary.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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