Still Waters Run Deep

A Poem By Charles Stokes – Warrior Poet

How deep do still waters run?

Deep enough to pull you down.

Pull me down?

But it is so calm on top.

Yes, but still waters run deep.

I will fall in to quench the heat.

It grabs me! The tow is too strong!

I must pull my best to reach shore!

I do my best, but my strength fades.

A hand reaches out and pulls me in.

A stranger…

Do you know why?

My heart is good?

You still have work to do…

Am I strong enough?

The current is strong.

You have been tempered through the trials.

Life has challenged and made you strong.

Complete your task and the current will not.

Your soul is destined for another world.

A world that must be earned.

Walk through the heat.

The current is strong, but destiny is stronger!

Reach out and grasp destiny! It will pull you to shore!

Jesus is Lord!                                                                                                                


© 2019 Charles Stokes, All Rights Reserved

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