Truthfully I did not know we named winter storms. After digging out here in Wild and Wonderful, I am certain it was given names other than Jonas. Most of which cannot be repeated.

Certainly you are following the presidential campaigns. That is a storm of another name. For certain is that when it comes right down to it, politicians are politicians. Most are certainly in a love affair with self that far surpasses mere confidence. But, that is probably what it takes. Trump said he thinks he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot people and he still would not lose any votes. Maybe so, but if he was shooting at people on a New York street there would likely not be a legally armed citizen nearby to return fire. If statements such as that cannot bring him down a notch or two, it concerns me.

Trump is going to make America great again. He is singing to the choir proclaiming what most of us do want to hear and from my view it sounds a lot like, “….there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America. There’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America. “ No one can deny that he comes across as scrappy and unafraid of what comes out of his mouth. I do not think he is a conservative as most would view conservatism. Populist, nationalist for certain and I just have an uneasy feeling that it is all show time for “the Donald.”

Well Mr. Romney, here we are sir. You are indeed the man. When the Maverick was shot down in 08, I said that it would be your turn next. You see, that is how it is done inside your country club. Alas, you are the warrior with whom we must engage the fight for the life of our nation. Ann Coulter would dub you Saint Mitt [Ann appears in the tank for Trump too]. I am not so overwhelmed.

I predicted you would win the nomination and then lose the general election. I am not Karl Rove, thankfully, so I do not rely on a lot of political, establishment mumbo jumbo to tell me the likely outcome. Nor do I rely on over the top pontification of those either for or against you. For me, it is not that complicated. You simply have not proven to me that you are a scrapper.
Have you ever been in a street fight Mitt? A bar room brawl? A bench clearing de-cleating? Even a tiff over the back yard volley-ball net? That could be part of your problem. I believe you could probably throw the volley ball at your sister and storm away in anger, (of course you would apologize profusely later) but I am just not sure how well you might fair in the other scenarios. Whether you realize it or not, bud, you are in a hair pulling, eye-gouging, shin kicking, foot stomping, bust you in the doggoned head with a trash can lid, street fight. It is not going to be fair and you cannot intellectualize it away. – Silver Spoons April 22, 2012

I think Trump has broken that code. Americans like a fighter, I have just learned over time to be wary of the one who would save us. Do not all of them present themselves as such?

Now Sarah Palin is climbing aboard the Trump train. It is just odd. She endorsed Ted Cruz in his senate race. Now she puts her own conservative standing on the line to endorse someone whose record is anything but conservative. Also recall the Trump-Cruz meeting at the beginning of this. I have not figured out the Trump-Cruz-Palin connection, but something in my gut tells me there is one.

The last time I heard from Morton Kondracke, I know who the hell is that, he was beside himself that Sarah Palin might end up in the Whitehouse. I wrote about Morton in 2008. Cannot find it on line because my website went down for a lengthy time right after, but here is an excerpt:

On Friday, I was particularly interested in what the program’s panel discussion might offer up on the selection of Governor Sarah Palin by Senator McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate. I was not surprised to hear Morton Kondracke express some contempt for the choice. He cited her lack of experience to assume the duties of the President as if he fully expected McCain to drop over dead on inauguration day. Why, he’s had two bouts of melanoma declared Mr. Kondracke. Morton is prone to say some dumb things, at least in my view, but following his comments about Governor Palin’s lack of experience he added to his nuttier than a squirrel turd opinion by saying that Senator Obama was more qualified to be President simply because he had been running for the job for the past 3 years. Morton actually had a pained expression on his face. Perhaps you need more fiber in the diet Morton. And just for the record, Obama is running against McCain or maybe it is Bush. I am not always sure, but he is not running against Palin.

Do you know what Morton’s problem is? Intentionally or not, John McCain just kicked down the door to the country club and invited in an ordinary outside and I mean way outside the beltway American. Morton may have to someday soon grit his teeth, furrow his brow in further consternation and admit that there is a blasted commoner in the White House, even if it is only as Vice President. Moose stew on the menu, my, my. Morton and the remainder of likeminded beltway bandits cannot fathom the concept that a former member of the serfdom could ascend to the ruling class. It is not a glass ceiling that needs broken, it is the country club strangle hold on our country that does. – Rocking Morton’s world, August 31, 2008.

Just brought that up, because Morton the beltway elitist that he is has just put forward his strategy to put another progressive in the Whitehouse. You see, Mortie cannot fathom the thought of a Trump or Cruz in the Whitehouse, which is why he wants all the “moderates” such as himself to write Paul Ryan in for president. Acknowledging that he has no prayer of winning, but that a powerful message will be sent. We already received the message Mortie – your superiority complex remains unchanged. Once again his world is being rocked by the potential election of one not owned by establishment Washington and clearly one not as smart as him and his type. Kondracke and those who think like him is exactly the reason we are where we are.

Not sure how it will turn out, but if we do not get someone in the Whitehouse that is truly concerned about everyday Americans, we lose. Trump has been funneling money to the beltway bandits for many years. He is not wanted in the Whitehouse because he knows where all of the bodies are buried. Cruz has proven he is a principled conservative not fond of career beltway bandits and it is for that reason he is unwanted.

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