Suicide watch

Bush did not do it to us, nor did Obama. No politician is responsible. It was us, every day Americans. We put our country on suicide watch. Unfortunately for us, we handed the death switch over to Dr. Suicide.

By now, you have certainly seen the pictures of the homosexuals at the White House homosexual pride event making obscene gestures towards the photograph of President Regan. We are told that events such as homosexual pride month are an exercise of long held American values. Pardon me.

Secretary of Defense Panetta declared June as homosexual pride month for the military. Some time ago, (October 2010) I told you that would happen. There was also a homosexual marriage ceremony performed by an Army Chaplain in an Army Chapel at Fort Polk, Louisiana. I told you that would happen also. Clearly, the military is the chosen tool to normalize homosexuality in America. All of the cheerleaders for open homosexual service, both inside and outside the services, lamented that it was all about service and that homosexuals who are serving now should not have to live a lie. People in the service, including Chaplains, are told by the top leadership to “Get in line with this policy or resign your commission.” No, now people with deeply held beliefs are asked to live a lie instead and are having their religious freedom crushed. Current policies have placed the world’s best military force on suicide watch and along with it, the rest of the country. A Godless military will not survive, nor will a Godless country. Get in line with that thought Admiral.

You cannot do something that is bad and hope to achieve something good. You cannot take freedom from one group under the guise of giving it to another. I do not care how you dress it up, it is not America. It is not freedom, but that is where we are.

Homosexuality and God are incompatible. When incompatible values come into conflict, one must hold to his principles and his beliefs. I do not care if a person wants be known by his sexual orientation. If he wants that to be the center of his life, it is his choice. I do not care if homosexuals serve in our country’s armed forces. What I care about is being told that I have to accept their behavior as normal while not being able to exercise my guaranteed religious freedom. When the homosexuals flipped a bird at President Reagan, what they were doing was flipping it at you – if you claim to be an American.

We have turned into quite a place and it appears to me that the lunacy, on our way to fundamental transformation, has taken more steroids over the past several years than has all of professional sports. We have become a self-worshipping, sex-worshipping, money-worshipping, power-worshipping, and America-loathing society. Dr. Suicide has his finger on the switch. Sadly, we forgot something very important along the way. We stopped worshipping God and being grateful for the freedom He gave to us.

Regardless of what happens in November, America is already fundamentally transformed. What we have endured has changed our lives as much as did the terrorists attacks of 9/11.

I am an American and here I make my stand. You have tried to divorce me from my beliefs. You have tried to take my freedom, but it cannot be taken because I refuse to give it to you. You have forced us far away from our founders and even farther away from our God. You have worked hard to darken the beacon that has shown out from this land toward the un-free world. I am an American and I will travel no more with you along the road to the destruction of my country. If you achieve your goals and arrive at your destination, when you turn around you will realize that I did not follow.

God Blessed America and I swore to protect her.

Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter. – Isaiah 5:20 (NIV)


3 Replies to “Suicide watch”

  1. ptco911

    JD as you said the decline in our society has been in progress for years. It saddens me that this has been allowed to happen. I for one will NOT go quietly into the night and will join you in this stand.

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