Swamp Rats

Grand Old Party?  I find nothing grand about you.  Out here in the hinterlands most of you are called Republicans in Name Only (RINOs).  I have a different take.  I don’t believe you are RINOs.  I believe you are the Republican Party and probably always have been.   Current events have merely exposed you for who you are.  A large overbearing pachyderm in bed with lobbyists, corporations, billionaires and pretty much anyone else who will continually feed your bottomless wallets.  In turn, you legislate for them and crap on Middle America, which in case you haven’t noticed is not doing so well in recent years.  You are allied with career “civil servants” anchored at the top and throughout our federal agencies and to your kindred spirits in the braying jackass Democratic Party.  There are no viable political parties left in America.  There are only “interests” none of which address my concerns or what is in the best interests of my country.  Collectively you are the swamp rats – lifelong politicians and wannabes. You have lost any sense of America and Americans.  You are the Washington establishment.

Americans are tired and disillusioned.  That is why we elected a non-politician and the America first message.  It is the message that touched the hearts of the forgotten people of this country.  The middle class is the strength of a nation.  Without a strong middle class we are just another third world has been.  You have blocked the America first agenda.  It is the American people’s agenda that you despise.  The people you are charged to represent.  It was we the people who rejected a pile of establishment Republicans and said no more to the Clintons.  I believe you forget that it is the people who either accept or reject you as their representatives not the other way around.  You do not get to have an agenda other than ours.

So now you block and delay and you want us to believe that you were surprised that McCain was a no vote – on anything.  Following years of promises of all that you could accomplish if we voted you in charge, you now tell us that it is just the “democratic process” when you are unable to come up with any sort of plan for anything.  The democratic process is not intentional and abject failure.  Do you think we don’t see – think we are blinded by your brilliance?  Do you think that we do not know that your delays and failures are just time killers until your special prosecutor can create a storyline that helps you finish the coup?  And you believe somehow that this will turn out well for you.  In my lifetime, I have never witnessed a more entrenched group of failures that is supposed to represent the people who elected them.

We know how you think.  We have learned how you play the game.  We know that you try to sway how we think with polls.  That did not work too well for you and it will not again.  We understand that half of our voting age population never votes and that half of the half that does vote is ignorant.  You and your media cronies play on that.  What did the Obamacare architect declare?  We had to count on the stupidity of the American people!  Together you promise the immeasurable like hope and change or moving us forward.  Forward?  Toward what?  When we were promised things that are measurable and things that hit us right where we live, we chose.  Do you think we will forget?  Do you think we will accept that the democratic process is why we do not have viable healthcare, tax reform, secure borders…?  The forgotten people and history will be unkind to you.

There is a seething anger out here.  And it is not from the little brown shirt fascists in black hoodies that you send out to attack other protestors or shut down speakers with which you don’t agree.  The anger is from the people for which you are showing total contempt.  It is the super majority of Americans who want you to do your jobs and who don’t want our country to become Venezuela.  Now is your time to deliver or begin working on your memoirs.  Americans have had it with you swamp rats.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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