Tell me again how it is you differ from radical Islam

I am Christian and that is the foundation from which I view the world. Although accused of it every time I mention the subject, I have never once tried to force anyone to accept my beliefs. If asked or invited to do so, I will share. I most certainly do believe God blessed all of us with free will – freedom – to choose the path in life that we feel suits us. If you feel that your freedom is derived from some other source or no source, then that is certainly your choice to make. So, it does not concern me that someone chooses another religion or no religion or whatever other path they wish to walk. I do not care if a person chooses to center their lives on an intimate relationship with a person of the same sex. There is a caveat. If your chosen path is to make me accept and endorse whatever it is you believe when it is absolutely contrary to what I firmly accept and believe then as they say over here in the hills, me and you, we going to have us a problem.

As the President’s ineptly named JV team continues their reign of terror across the Middle East great numbers of people are being brutally murdered. I am convinced they have some evil bastard whose job it is to dream up more horrific ways to murder people so they can share their terror with the world. Not only are they wiping out entire villages that do not hold their world view, they are destroying all vestiges of history they come across.

In the land of the free, there is a more sophisticated brand of coercion. If you are a baker and because of your beliefs you refuse to provide a cake supporting homosexual marriage, you will be sued, chased out of business, fined by some philosophically driven judge, and ordered to not speak about it. The same thing will happen to you if you are a florist, a photographer, or own a wedding chapel. Now, we have progressed to the next level wherein we have our first political prisoner. A woman jailed because her religious convictions prevent her from providing a marriage license bearing her name to homosexuals. She will remain in jail according to the judge, until she changes her mind. Until she changes her mind and goes against her conscious and Christian beliefs. In other words, endorse what we believe or we will destroy your life or put you in prison. How exactly does that differ from what is taking place in the Middle East? We have just not arrived at the point of killing people – yet.

There is a tremendous purge of American history happening right before our eyes and being endorsed by every talking head and chickensh*t politician in sight. The evil Confederate battle flag is being banned everywhere. Statues are coming down, schools are being renamed, even idiots wanting to dig up and move the remains of the dead. I read an article in Army magazine recently where some nitwit Army Major insisted that we rename all of those US Army bases that are currently named for traitors and slave owners. I could almost imagine the spit flying out of his mouth while he was pounding on the keyboard. When you are wiping out history, how again is that different from what is happening in the Middle East?

For the County Clerk who is currently jailed I have heard a lot of suggestions. If she refuses to obey the law, then she should be removed from office. That will be acceptable to me right after Barack Obama is removed from office for the same albeit more egregious reasons. Besides, I do not know which law the clerk is breaking. I do not believe a Supreme Court decree is a law. Another I have heard is if she does not want to do that job then she should just get another job. In other words if you choose to not violate your religious beliefs, you are banned from holding public office. There is religious accommodation all over federal and state governments and in the armed forces. Apparently, when it comes to homosexuality there is not. The rainbow flag of terror flies high.

I think I’ll go watch some football. Watching 300 pound men trying to impose their wills on another makes sense to me right now. You bust me in the mouth. I bust you in the mouth. Is that not what it is coming down to right here in the land of the free?

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