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All original material in American Journal is the intellectual property of each independent author and is protected by copyright.  Republication of any article in its entirety and in any form without the author’s permission is strictly prohibited. Please request permission to republish complete articles by using the author’s email address.  In your request, identify where you intend to republish and provide a link to the site.  Republication must provide a link to the original work at American Journal.

Up to two paragraphs of articles may be quoted without permission as long as the quote is linked to the original source.

One Reply to “Terms of Use”

  1. carolb1988

    I need to know what I need to do for permission to link the Axis of Idiots to my Facebook? I feel the need to share that letter with your web link, everyone should read your views, it echos so many of us. Thank you. p.s. my former 1SG was Steve Briscoe and he sent me your website link, he considers you an aquantance. I thank him for letting me know and you for writing.

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