11 Replies to “Test Fire”

  1. ptco911

    JD it is good to see you back. I have always your views and pretty much agree with them.

    Welcome back.

    David A. Lamberson
    SGM, US Army(Ret)

  2. rowlam

    CSM, have missed hearing from you. Thought you had gone on to report to higher headquarters. Very glad to hear you are still on active duty at lower echelon.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on current events.

    Semper Fi,

    Michael E. Rowland
    MGySgt USMC(Ret)

  3. gunner312

    Command Sgt Maj., Glad to see you back on. I have been hoping that I’d hear from you once again.

    Can’t agree with you more on the background roar in the room.

    But, as far as shots fired, kinda think it all depends on how accurate your aim is and the caliber of the gun.

    Semper Fidelis, Sua Sponte

    Jim Wright

  4. Snooks34

    I would love to read what was written, but nothing I click on takes me tio the text, what am I doing wrong? Not too swift in all this but do enjoy JD Pendry’s message that Ihave gotten before.

    1. JD Pendry Post author

      Thanks Snooks. I am just restarting the blog following a year off. The test fire was just to see if my feed was still working. We should be posting soon. Thanks for coming back.

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