The briefness of life

The morning sunrise accompanied by a songbird concerto. Some of the beauty of creation all too often taken for granted. Like the freshness of the morning air following the rain. These are my thoughts while I sip my morning coffee and ponder human frailty and the suddenness with which we can be gone from here. Our legacies sealed in an instant. Many things left undone. Too many books not read. Too much music not heard. Too many places not visited. Too many friends and family gone before we made the time to tell them how important they were to our lives. Too many missed opportunities to forgive or seek forgiveness. Too many things left on the list. That one thing that we were always going to do someday is left undone.

It is the shortness of our time in this life and the suddenness with which it can end that comes into vivid perspective when those closest to us are gone. It causes us to question not our faith or God, but to question ourselves. If I am gone from here tomorrow, what will be thought of me? What have I accomplished for the good of anyone? Will I have fulfilled my purpose in this life? Will I have stood for something? What will I leave undone that should have been done?

A few short months ago I lost my sister to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. Tomorrow is my brother’s funeral. Losing two siblings in such a short time is trying. Jerry enlisted into the Army in June of 1965 only a few short days following high school graduation. Jerry finished his Army time with a Vietnam tour. He also developed some Agent Orange related maladies with which he fought his last battle.

My sister Donna and my brother Jerry left behind children and grandchildren. Having lost my parents when they were too young, I know there is a void in the hearts of those children that comforting words can only fill briefly. Please pray for them all if you are of that mind.

For me, only a few years younger than my brother and sister, I promise them to go forward from here and attempt those things that are undone.

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