They couldn’t even stand for our national motto

They could not stand to recognize true American heroes. They could not stand to acknowledge true tragic stories. They could not stand to acknowledge true stories of the American spirit and humankind’s unending quest for freedom. They could not stand to acknowledge true stories of Americans achieving the dream. They could not stand for record low unemployment across the nation and most notably for minorities. They could not stand to acknowledge that Americans also have dreams. They could not stand for national security. They could not stand for our military and veterans. They could not stand for our flag, the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem. They could not stand to recognize a 12-year-old boy who took it upon himself to collect forty thousand American flags to place on Veteran’s graves. They turned their backs on Americans and God. The Democratic party fueled by blind hatred of our President now demonstrate the same blind hatred for the Americans who voted for him. They stand, or in this case sit, in direct opposition to Americans. They came into my house and demonstrated more readiness to serve illegal immigrants than me. These are the same people who high-fived when they defeated legislation that would prevent abortions for pregnancies beyond 20 weeks. If these are the people you support and defend and want in charge of our country, in the name of some long forgotten traditional liberalism, may God help you. May God help our country.

Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies were turned into political operations.

From available evidence, it appears that senior people in the FBI and DOJ obtained FISA warrants to spy on a Presidential candidate, his campaign, and even his incoming cabinet. If you are a follower of the legacy media, you believe they were actually spying on people colluding with Russian agents. It is looking more and more like these senior law enforcement officers were politically motivated and obtained FISA warrants by providing false, unverified information to the FISA judge. They weaponized our nation’s top criminal investigative apparatus and intelligence agencies and turned them on a Presidential candidate based on a highly questionable and unverified dossier paid for by the opposing candidate. From the readily available evidence, they wanted to prevent Donald Trump from being elected President. And if they could not, the needed an insurance policy, a Russian collusion one, as a pretense for a Special Counsel to impeach him. During the Obama administration, if you can recall, the Internal Revenue Service was weaponized in the same manner targeting conservative non-profit groups with evidence of collusion with the DOJ’s Election Crimes Division. Obama was re-elected and no one was prosecuted. So, it is not a stretch to believe that FBI and DOJ bad actors assumed Mrs. Clinton would also win the election and their misdeeds would never see sunlight. Oops. This is what you expect to see in a third world country or Castro’s Cuba, but certainly not in the USA. I’ve said it before, Communists never go quietly. Attorney General Sessions. Ball’s in your court.

Objective media is dead.

I think remote controls are bad. It drives my wife nuts, but I am a channel hopper. The evolution of media caused “journalists” to take sides, much like it appears the leadership of the FBI and DOJ did. Just flip through the news broadcasts and try to separate spin and opinion from facts. You cannot and unless you are somewhat of a news junkie, some smooth-talking nutcase is going to have you believing a lot of bovine scatology. First, he was a Russian puppet, then he was mentally ill, then he was going to drop over dead because he likes cheeseburgers and two scoops of ice cream. He’s a racist and white supremist. He abuses women. All of this from the objective journalists who cried when Hillary lost. Our media, especially the legacy media, are partisan ideologues before they are journalists. They carry the water for lying politicians and with their help as Mark Twin said, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Nail down what you think you know using Ben Franklin’s guidance, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

© J. D. Pendry 2018

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