The Cult of American Patriots – Battling the New World Order

Supporters of President Trump are disparaged with many pejoratives these days.  Most recently, we are a cult.  If that’s what the hatred filled people of our nation wish to label me, I’ll just file it with the others.  In the meaningless drivel pile.  Because, no matter what you label me, I’m an American Patriot.  That’s truly the focus of your hatred.  For decades, you’ve been at war with America’s God-Family-Country, Judeo-Christian based culture.  Most Americans have remained passive.  Passive because we’ve not had a leader willing to push back.  Willing to stand for us.  The people who live outside the elitist cocoon.  American Patriots.

In April 1961, President John F. Kennedy although he didn’t use the term warned of the new world order and vowed to expose it and remove all vestiges of it from his administration.  He declared war on the administrative (deep) state and the new world order.  November 22, 1963, he was assassinated.

I’ve made a few trips around the block as the saying goes.  Along the way, I learned some things.  Mostly taught to me by life’s journey.

People who’ve spent a lifetime proving Einstein’s definition of insanity do not like change nor any challenge to the status quo.  Especially when the status quo pays so well.  They do not like it when you tell them the ladder they’re climbing is leaning against the wrong wall.  Even less so when results prove the ladder was indeed misplaced. That’s why the progressive left, Washington establishment, and the world’s globalists hate Donald Trump.  He’s a disrupter.  A change agent of nuclear proportion.  He’s proven to the globalist politicians of our country and of the world there is a better way.  A better road to prosperity and peace.  A better path to freedom.  One that preserves national sovereignty.  Patriotism.

“The future does not belong to globalists.” President Donald Trump

The President battles much more than Washington’s political society, media talking heads, and elitist nabobs.  He’s at war with something more powerful.  He’s battling global puppet masters who’ve secretly pulled the strings of the world’s political classes for decades.  People who do not believe in sovereign nations and are using the power of position and wealth to bring about their vision of a new world order.  A one world government.  A one world religion.  Watch the Pope’s promotional video declaring all religions seek the same God:

An interesting note, this video was “no longer available” from some search engines.  I was intrigued by Pope Benedict’s resignation and replacement by Pope Francis who many believe is a liberation theologist.  A Marxist view of theology.  Fits well as another piece of the puzzle.

Former CIA Director, Vice President, and President George H. W. Bush lays out the new world order quite succinctly in this short video clip: 

One set of laws, governed by the United Nations…  According to President Bush, it’s the New World Order vision.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” George Soros

George Soros, NAZI collaborator, billionaire and the most vocal proponent of the New World Order, believes the United States is in the way of its realization.  This October 2011 Business Insider article and the following video explain his views.  Soros’ money and Open Society organizations work vigorously toward his globalist goal of a new world older and one world currency controlled by wealthy billionaires like him.

Look at the European Union, the Eurozone, and its problems for a snapshot of the world he and other globalists envision.

“The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat.” George Soros

“The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”  George Soros

Does that declaration differ from what President Kennedy described?  What President Bush described?  What President Trump described?  The globalist new world order movement is no longer in the shadows.  No longer the secret society of President Kennedy’s day.  No longer a “right wing conspiracy theory.”

It grows more intriguing and dangerous as you open a window to the world.  The European Union (EU), the prime example of globalism has problems.  Mass immigration is crippling the social welfare systems of these countries.  The failures of multi-culturalism.  Rising crime rates.  The British people voted to leave the EU, but have been fighting since to actually do it.  The globalists inside and outside the EU know that BREXIT could be a death blow to the EU and a major setback for the globalist push.  The United States and Britain have long been solid allies.

In the world, there are strong nationalist leaders.  There are two that stand out as the strongest and most loyal to their citizens and sovereignty.  Two men that share the Biblical connection between Judaism and Christianity.  In both countries, the progressive left and the globalist influence is trying to force them out.  Israel and the United States are strong allies.  Except for the United States, Israel sits alone surrounded by enemies.

Great Britain, Israel, and the United States are the front against globalism.  That’s why they are the center of gravity for leftist attack.  I don’t think assassination in the sense we think of it is likely in the days of mass surveillance.  Murder by corrupt legal systems, lies, innuendo, and activist media is more likely.  The globalists will never stop their push.  Currently their success or failure depends on the leadership and people of three countries. To quote Mr. Soros, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

Live free.

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