The Establishment

In the 1960’s, we had a hippie infestation. For a reference point, it was akin to a Biblical plague of locusts.

The hippie mantra, besides hell no, we won’t go and burning their draft cards, was to never trust “the establishment.” Besides their selective service cards, they also burned our flag. Conversely, they admired the Communist North Vietnam flag. They took over college campuses and held peaceful little demonstrations like the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. In 1969, they gave us their crowning achievement, Woodstock. They admired Karl Marx, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh.

At some point, probably when on a downer following a hallucinogenic LSD trip, they figured out that no one would pay serious attention to them or what they believed as long as they appeared as a maggot infested America and Soldier hating gaggle of dope smokers. They took the flowers from their hair, washed their dirty jeans – and their bodies, got their locks trimmed, went back to school (after Carter granted them amnesty) mostly on Daddy’s dollar and ultimately they became the establishment.

We now have hippies in tailored suits with sprayed on hair and tans ruining our country. Now, it is the Americans who go to work each day and keep our country functioning who have had it with “the establishment.”

Go figure.

Part of that establishment is the American aristocracy. In the 60’s, they were hippies of wealth. They comprise our political ruling class that have made politics and ruling over the serfdom the family business. Other than bootlegging, did you ever know a member of the Kennedy clan to have a job outside of politics? If they are not politicians themselves, the super wealthy support politicians that are favorable to them. They do so because the asinine policies of those favored politicians crushes the life out of Middle America, but does no harm to them. Instead, the wink, wink policies make them wealthier and subsequently more politically influential. From their perspective, it is a logical arrangement.

Let’s not leave out the academics, political pundits and media elite branches of the establishment. They talk over and down to us like we are a collection of morons who should fall on our knees and thank them for the wisdom they impart.

Dangling from the end of the special interest strings are establishment party politicians. If you took them all and put them in a bag, shook it up and dumped them out, you would end up with a herd of incestuous braying pachyderms who look a lot like old hippies. With sprayed on hair. You could not tell one from the other.

In party politics, what matters most is the party. It is the ultimate country club run by the good ole boys that set the greens fees. Do not make the mistake of looking at the party affiliation on your voter’s registration card and believing that you are in the party. Typically, our elected representatives report to the party establishment bosses and not to the residents of the states who sent them to Washington. To them, the party that counts is inside the Washington, DC beltway. That is where the power resides and where the cash flows and where they intend to keep both for as long as we Americans allow it.

Now they are flabbergasted and showing their true colors. The unwashed, uninformed masses are using their votes to toss out family heirs to political seats and establishment politicians. Heads are exploding all over Washington. I believe there are still chunks of Karl Rove’s plastered on the walls of a Fox television studio. From Christ to Murkowski to Castle, they are finding out that it is not about the party. It is about America. It is about the Americans who are once again in our history rejecting political royalty and the establishment it rode in here on.

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