The Great Hog Rebellion

Shorty lived across the ridge from me. We did a lot of things together. Played baseball. Rode his old horse like it was the Lone Ranger’s Silver. Climbed the mulberry tree and ate berries until we were mostly purple. Ate wild persimmons before they were ready and green apples. Painted our faces with poke berry juice and headed off into the woods with our homemade bows. Shorty taught me how to milk a cow. Pretty much the same way Tom Sawyer taught them boys how much fun it was to white wash a fence. I did manage to squirt him in the eye. And sometimes we would have us a smoke from the Salems Shorty pilfered from his Mom’s unguarded cigarette pack.

One day I was helping Shorty slop the hogs. About three quarters of the way out the path toward the hog pens, Shorty and me decided to stop for one of those smokes. We felt rather grown up in the moment. Menthol Salems. It was a brief moment of exotica within smelling range of hog pens. On that day, Shorty and me learned that hogs are not very tolerant of slow-poke waiters. We looked up just in time to see a herd of hogs, who had just busted themselves out of the pen, barreling down on us. We lit out like the proverbial bats out of Hades leaving our smoldering smokes somewhere along the way. Fortunately, those future smoked hams were interested in the slop buckets and not Shorty and me.

That was the great hog rebellion of 1964.

By now you have heard Senator Ted Cruz call out Mitch “Harry Reid” McConnell. There was no equivocation. He called the Senior Senator from Kentucky a liar – and more than once. Stating quite plainly the Mitch and Harry show continues. Reminds me of those great philosophers, “The Eagles”:

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you’d realize
There ain’t no way to hide your lyin eyes

For consecutive election cycles, Americans overwhelmingly voted to take power from one party and give it to another. We did it by sending men like Ted Cruz to the Senate. For the ears of the world, Senator Cruz made a bold move. Calling out establishment Washington for what it is. When we look back on this time we are likely to see that he endeared himself to the Americans who are mostly sick to death of establishment Washington. Let us just hope that when Mr. Cruz looks back over his shoulder he will not be the Lone Ranger in the great pachyderm rebellion of 2015.

There is another rebellion of sorts brewing in Washington. The Rainbow House, it appears, is working hard to dethrone the Clintons. Quietly though. Word is that Valerie Jarret (Communist) and defacto dictator is leaking details about Mrs. Clinton’s emails and about the Inspectors General who referred their investigations into the email scandal to the Department of Justice. The Rainbow House Department of Justice, oh my. Reckon they will indict? That would be fun to watch. Especially to see what the Clinton personal destruction team has held back about the Obamas. Would love to be privy to the inside conversations on this one. Just be wary of whoever it is that is being primed to swoop down and save the Democrat party – and the United States of America. Probably not Bernie Sanders.

One more developing rebellion I think. This one is on the people level. And it is against Planned Parenthood’s little shop of horrors. Will politicians do anything about it? Last I heard, good old Mitch would not allow a vote on defunding them either. So you and I will continue to fund the baby parts business. I think Washington does nothing as it does on most things. That leaves me to wonder how much longer before our streets are filled with fed up Americans, this one maybe being the proverbial straw.

That probably will not happen either. But you know what? My gut tells me that these past years and whatever happens within the coming months will forever change the political landscape in the United States of America.

I think Ted Cruz fired the bold shot heard around the political world. Will he stand alone? This country was born out of rebellion. It will take rebellion in some form to save it. Prayerfully a peaceful one.

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