Pelosi Tries to Steal Christmas

Schiff and Nadler are the media face of the impeachment charade.  Prolific liars and tyrannical little one-party committee bosses.  Free to put their Soviet style poorly veiled coup on parade.  They have to lead the charge, because Speaker Pelosi declared she’s a good Catholic that hates no one, except maybe unborn children, and declared you better not mess with her.  But Nancy Pelosi owns this travesty.  Lock, stock and barrel.  The whole nine yards brother.   This years’ American Freedom Journal Grinch award winner.  When she erupted on James Rosen for asking her if she hated President Trump, it became painfully clear that she’s an angry, frustrated woman who’s not in control of anything.  Least of all herself.  Now the Senate will have to put out the fire before the lot of them head up Schiff’s creek without a paddle.

Pelosi could have stopped it before it began.  Why didn’t she?  If nothing else, she’s a politically astute woman.  That’s just an assumption.  She knows the potential backlash.  Look at the popularity bounce Bill Clinton got.  Thanks largely to sycophantic doting media, but still he got it. Clinton was actually guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice – real high crimes and misdemeanors.  Donald Trump has endured an anal probe since at least the summer of 2016.  No crimes found.  Zero. Nothing.  Even with a largely hate driven negative media, his popularity and poll numbers are rising.  Think that’s not worrisome for Democrats and the old guard Washington establishment?

It’s a desperate anger on display and it’s reaching a crescendo as evidenced by Pelosi’s finger wagging outburst.  Still, her house intends to impeach.  All so they can run 2020 political campaigns against an impeached President.  By the way, the New York and California representatives leading the charge have done nothing for you and I or the districts they represent.  A funny thing or two.  New York is deporting its homeless population to other cities and out in California they’re mapping the feces on the sidewalks.  Crap maps right in Madam Speakers’ district.  And she has no time to do anything about it because she’s too busy wagging her finger at reporters who ask hard questions and impeaching the President.

It begs the question.  Who’s really in charge of the Democrat party?  Considering the level of corruption being exposed all across the Washington establishment, with much more to come including Pelosi’s son and some prominent Republican lifers too, I expect it’s partly an if we go down, you go down scenario.  Or it’s the new face of the Democrat party, the Democrat Socialist, Progressive, Communist cabal threatening to primary the political lifers.  It’s likely a combination of all of that.  Along with unbridled hatred of a brash talking political outsider who’s delivering on promises.  Who’s breathed life back into America’s blue-collar working class.  Creating jobs for them.  Putting money into their pockets and bank accounts.  Making America’s forgotten middle class great again. 

Pelosi and her Washington Country Club crony buds are concerned about one promise.  Draining the swamp.  Being cut off from the gravy train.  Being indicted.

Things have taken and interesting twist.  Pelosi’s house is going to impeach Donald Trump as many of them have been calling for from day one.  Remember, “We’re gonna go in there and impeach the mother*****.”  In the bowels of Washington everyone knows, whether Republican or Democrat, who the biggest crooks are.  Most of them political lifers holding Congressional leadership positions while spreading the wealth around to family and friends.  Your tax dollars and mine.  Here’s the most interesting twist.  When this gets to the Senate, Republican political lifers Mitch McConnel and Lindsey Graham have already declared no trial, no witnesses we’re just going to vote this down and be done with it.  Well.  Well.  And here I was thinking this is going to the Senate and all the liars and thieves are going to be called as witnesses and we’ll finally get the swamp drained.  I’m gullible.  Mitch and Lindsey are not looking out for the country by ending this divisive impeachment quickly.  Mitch may be more concerned about family ties to China and there’s Ukrainian money connection rumors out there about Lindsey.  Remember Joe Biden’s not so veiled threat.  “Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life.”

Face it Americans.  There are some good men and women in the United States Congress.  They cannot accomplish anything because of the political gangsterism that controls the town.  That’s why there’ll be no witnesses at a Senate impeachment trial.  It’s the Washington way.  If we go down, you go down.  Probably the best swamp draining option I can think of.  But, because of political gang warfare it’s not likely to happen.  Unless the Department of Justice, by some slim chance, sets off a circular firing squad.

I hope everyone in Washington watched the UK’s working-class rebellion.  It’s what happens when people have had enough bull crap.

Merry Christmas.

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2 Replies to “Pelosi Tries to Steal Christmas”

  1. Dee Armstrong

    The homeless crisis in California should be thrown into a think tank to come up with solutions for all cities nationwide. No easy answer. “Crap maps”–awesome label! Congress should be impeached for dereliction of duty. The only one working for the betterment of our nation is the one being demonized. No, he’s not perfect, but most of the politicians are making him look like a saint. At least he continues to work, not just talk and lie and spread rumors and campaign for reelection. This country needs a major swamp-draining, and only the American people can do that–at the polls. With no ID required for the illegals to vote, I wonder if that’s even a possibility.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson

    I feel the same way about Lindsey and McConnell…all dirty, they’re scared, the President wants the truth out, he wants witnesses questioned and open hearings, but these two guilty scumbags will just shut it down to protect themselves and others. What swamp creature crap.

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