The last thing

There are a lot of things on the minds of Americans these days. I am no exception to that declaration. When I sit here for my short period of Sunday afternoon contemplation, I am never really sure what will ultimately appear on the typewritten page. Often there is too much to sort out leading one to believe that it is probably intended. Is it the fundamental transformation of which we were warned? We missed the hope train long ago, but change is definitely upon us. Now destiny is in the hands of the average American – the law abiding citizen.

I have had the fortune, whether viewed as good or bad, to watch the careers of professional men and women implode. Their legacies forever written for the last thing they did. Some of those careers ended when good people simply made stupid decisions. Choices made in haste and with little contemplation of future consequences. For some, it was just a basic character flaw that authored their legacies. Other times the implosion was a long time coming. For those who made their way to the top by means other than ability and character and who came to believe themselves above the cut and borderline immortal the career ender is usually spectacular. These people, some of whom remain popular today, will be remembered not for any great achievement but for the last thing.

As I observe the state of our union and the path we are traveling, we are an entity not unlike a man or woman. Unless there is a course correction, America will not be remembered for her greatness and for her contributions to the world. She will be remembered, like other great countries and empires of the past, for that last thing. Like the ancient Roman Empire, she will be remembered for the acts that ended her.

We have become a fascist tilting society. I remember the liberals calling people out as fascists whenever they disagreed with them on a policy or law. I have been attacked as one who wants to stifle discussion, fears free speech, someone who wants to suppress or silence any opposing voice. I will always oppose the liberal-progressive-communist worldview. I certainly do not oppose their right to show their ignorance. It is just that history and life experience has taught me there is no bright light at the end of tunnel to utopia. There is only more darkness and destruction and death. Death of a people and death of a nation.

There are two prevailing factions vying for control of the United States of America. Neither has a D or an R following their names. There is the liberal-progressive-communist worldview and there is the constitutionalist worldview. For the past 6 years, Americans have seen how well or poorly the former works and who in Washington desires the destruction of the latter – and with it America as we know it.

Chase banks and Bank of America are refusing to handle business accounts of people who manufacture or sell guns. Owning, selling, and manufacturing guns is legal and constitutionally protected. There is no media outrage, no political outrage, no one demanding that these large financial institutions be forced to accept business for gun customers or close. For the uninformed, this is fascism. Fascism is “any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, and repression of all opposition.” Considering who controls the media that keeps most of America in the dark, it is not surprising there is no news of it.

If you are a Christian owned business whether a large one like Hobby Lobby or a small one like a bakery or photographer, and you refuse to support those things that go against your most personally held Christian beliefs you will be sued. There is a good possibility that, unless like Hobby Lobby you are big enough to fight back, you will be forced out of business. This too is fascism.

Continuing in this direction, how long is it before you will unable to open or run a business that does not toe the liberal-progressive-communist line? For the entire name calling cabal of the factually challenged, this is fascism the opposite of a free representative constitutionally driven republic whose prosperity was built through free enterprise.

Washington politics these days comes down to one worldview being forced upon Americans by a small group of people most dedicated to the destruction of America and freedom as you and I know it. If they lose, their attempt will be their last thing and even their friendly media mouthpieces will acknowledge it, but it will be too late for them as well.

America must choose whether to continue down the road toward fascism. If we do, it will be our last thing. Each American must also contemplate what his or her last thing will be. Standing by while America dies, or defeating this dangerous tilt toward fascism?

© 2104 J. D. Pendry

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