The Noisy Room

In the cyber world, millions of blogs vie daily for attention. As if that did not create enough noise, they started tweeting although more like cawing crows than morning songbirds. The talk radio and cablevision commentary ranges from reasonable to insane. Then there are the cable television debate programs with one yapping head appearing in the box on the right side screaming is to and another in a box on the left side screaming is not. In all forums, one side tries to rise above the noise and the other tries to drown them out. Irrational shouting is more common than civil conversation or debate. Entering this environment is like searching for a quiet booth in a noisy back street dive stinking of stale smoke, stale booze, over-perfumed ladies of the night, and backed up toilets accompanied by the tinny notes of a deafening out of tune band, from which to contemplate important issues and solve problems.

Some people, who have successfully built audiences of millions, manage to communicate above the barroom din. Still, it is a standoff where each side mostly sings to its own choir. What is missing from this scene is the barroom bouncer willing to take each side by the napes of their necks and toss them into the urine stench permeated and trash dumpster filled back alley. For the sake of our nation and sanity, we need a quieter and more decent place from which to examine our national problems. Presently, the United States Congress does not appear to be that place as it is busy setting the example for the remainder of the bar’s clientele.

Engaging in earsplitting bouts where facts and reason duel emotion and ideology is futile. No one wins. No one can win. Futility be damned, both sides continue to go at it enthusiastically. Standing unyieldingly in the middle of the noisy barroom dance floor, both insist that they have secured the high ground factually and ideologically. Neither has. All we are accomplishing now is grinding the foundation of humankind’s last great hope into dust. No one is winning and we are losing sight of what is important – like our steadily eroding freedom. America is losing. When America loses the rest of the world also loses.

It is better to contemplate things in a quieter environment, but we cannot disengage. Instead, we must find a way to focus all Americans and ourselves on an undeniable conclusion. The United States of America is in peril of being a future chapter in the annals of the world described as a majestic place where men once lived free. We cannot meekly give up our freedom to mortal men. Paraphrasing the poet Dylan Thomas, we must not go gentle into that good night. We must refuse to be bit players in the ancient history account of the magnificent, divinely inspired, human accomplishment that once was.

Shouting across the noisy room is not the answer. The Americans who have always sacrificed to preserve our country and its God given freedoms will have to do it again. The often heralded silent majority who turn the wrenches, put out the fires and fight our nations wars from the battlefield rather than from the pristine rooms of the nation’s capitol and who do not engage in the barroom brawls called debates must raise their voices above the roar. Only by them will America be saved – again.

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16 Replies to “The Noisy Room”

  1. Alicia Sigee

    Great point! But the list is extensive on the small things we do that crumbles our cultural society. The sad point is that society has moved from the parking tags to dressing inappropriately in public places to defrauding public education funding to…..the list goes on and on.

  2. JB

    It’s good to finally hear from you again JD. I had a feeling you were still out there somewhere and would return to the noisy room someday. Thanks for doing that CSM/OWD, I needed a breath of fresh air.

  3. Old Trooper

    Howdy CSM!
    I am very pleased that you are back to blogging. Your commentary was missed by quite a few folks and I look forward to visiting here often. With all of the smoke and noise on the net these days it is grand to have you back on Mission with your wit, perspective and common sense approach to things.


    Please contact me at my usual e-mail address…I’ve been concerned about you and have had several people trying to see if you were o.k.
    Thank God You’re o.k. and back with us,

  5. milliewilson

    I am so glad you are doing “your thing” again. You make more sense than all the main stream columnists put together. I look forward to learning something new with each post. Thank you.

  6. Irishhawk77

    JD: It is refreshing to be reading you again. Your obervations and clarity of thought have been sorely missed. Looking forward to each email.

  7. poppyjudge

    So good to have you back. Don’t leave again…please. Of course you are right about the noise and all of the people I talk to and listen to have noticed this clamor.
    There are more of us out here who would prefer the productive insight that comes from a masterery of the facts in controversial issues than the bean counters who run these networks suppose.
    You have long been one of the quiet voices.

    John Judge

  8. Mrs.Rohr

    You are absolutely correct. I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I’ve recognized this for some time now. Thank you for speaking up and out. Prayers. . . .

  9. KdluWard

    I agree. I’m encouraged, though, by the fact that so many of the silent majority are finally paying attention and raising their voices. I’d like to see us totally clean house in the Congress and start all over. I hope we aren’t too late.

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