The President wants a parade and the media finds another murderous regime to love on

The President suggests a parade to celebrate the military and the country. Heads are exploding all over. Old Soldiers are complaining how much they hated parades and ceremonies. Some are saying we do not need to have a parade to massage the President’s ego. God bless America and freedom because everyone has an opinion and can share it although often it just reverberates inside their group think circle. Just because you don’t like the President or the military does not make the idea of celebrating our country and honoring our military a bad idea. But, maybe we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

My last few Army years were spent at Fort Myer, Virginia in Arlington now called Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. On Summerall Field, each Wednesday night from April through August the Military District of Washington hosts the Twilight Tattoo open to the general public. It is a performance by the Army’s premier ceremonial units, The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own.” During my time there, late 90’s, the Twilight Tattoo was performed in front of the White House on the Ellipse. Its formal name is President’s Park. There was another program, Spirit of America, held in the Capital Centre and at other locations around the country. This program was excellent and always played to a full house, but was cancelled due to budget constraints.

The Army has these premier ceremonial units that have showcased our military and history for years. Every branch of the military has something to showcase. Organizations that are accustomed to ceremonial performances. You want to celebrate our military and our country Commander in Chief? Tell your Secretary of Defense to pull together all of these ceremonial units and make a spectacular presentation celebrating our country and military. Find an NFL stadium and you host it. A prime-time celebration of America. I’ll watch and bet I’ll not be alone.

Now for you liberals in the media who’ve never found a communist or dictator that you didn’t love. Shut up. You cannot compare our President to the brutal murdering North Korean dictator, because he wants to have a parade, out of one side of your face and then refer to his equally complicit sister as North Korea’s Ivanka. Most of the North Korean population is starving. The remainder are party loyalists, slave servants or inmates in political concentrations camps. This is probably the most brutal, murderous regime on the planet. And you know what CNN? Ivanka from the North that you are fawning over is part of the family responsible for that brutality. You’ve convinced me that cranial rectal inversion syndrome is real.

If you are not too familiar with the South Korean political situation, let me give you some highlights. South Korea’s former President was Park, Guen Hye,  the daughter of former President/Dictator Park Chung Hee who was assassinated in 1979. When Park, Guen-Hye’s mother was killed during an assassination attempt on her father, she was befriended by Choi Soon-Sil. Miss Choi was influence peddling, using her friendship with the president to get money for her foundations – I’ve heard of this kind of thing happening. To make the long story short, President Park became entangled in this mess and was impeached. She was replaced by a liberal named Moon, Jae-In. President Moon has embraced the communist north. This is the President Moon, if you recall, that resisted U.S. missile defense systems being deployed in South Korea. More dangerous than that is that he gave North Korea a propaganda coup by entering the Olympics as one under some made up flag.

I have close family ties to South Korea. My closest was sitting next to me watching the opening ceremony eagerly waiting for the Korean team to enter the stadium. When they did, the first thing she asked after watching all of the other countries enter is where is the flag? South Korea has an older generation of the Korean War era who are not happy. Guess what? South Korea also has its spoiled millennials who think the unified Korea show at the Olympics is just wonderful. Ivanka of the North and Rocket Man have as a goal the unification of the Korean Peninsula, but under rule of the Kim regime. President Moon has let them have a foot in the door and the American media cheers much as they cheered when the Ayatollah came back to Iran.

© 2018 J. D. Pendry

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