The sun will rise

I like to sit on my patio around 6 AM. I can watch the sunrise. Brilliant beams of light piercing the morning sky are welcomed by a songbird symphony. Except for the birds, it is a quiet time. No one is about. The squirrels are not even stirring although a deer or two may still linger. It is a good time to ponder things. It is a good time to give thanks to the One who made it possible for me to enjoy the morning sun and the singing birds. It is a good time to acknowledge that I am free and He also gave me that.

Sitting there confirms what is important. No matter how bad you or I believe life is the sun will arrive again each morning. The birds will still sing. We will still be free.

How do I know that for certain? Men cannot determine when the sun rises or sets. Men cannot quiet the birds. Men cannot change the seasons, warm the earth or cool it. Men cannot set the stars in the sky or put out their glimmering lights. Men did not create the earth so men cannot destroy it. Men did not give us freedom so men cannot take it away.

Men can and do commit acts of evil upon one another.

There are other things I know for certain. Arrogance, deceit, narcissism, and hatred are a terrible recipe for the soul of a man. The brighter the light of truth shines on a man of such character, the more desperate and dangerous he becomes to all people. History teaches that if unchallenged such men continue on until they cross a line of no return. They keep going until the light of good and truth completely destroys them. Through all of their deceitful and despicable acts, the sun will still rise each day and the birds will still sing reminding people that men are not in control. The freedom engraved on the hearts of all mankind will remain long after these men are dragged away through the gates of hell.

Some other things I know for certain. Soldiers are loyal first to their teammates – to one another. A Medal of Honor recipient I knew since my first tour in Korea in 1972 until the time I retired from the Army in 1999 told me something that has never left me. He said when Soldiers are fighting or are in dangerous places and situations they are not endorsing any lofty ideals of fighting for freedom, or country or any other such thing. They are fighting for one another – for the Soldier to their left and right.

The other thing I know for certain is that Soldiers rarely speak ill of one another outside their units. For them to do that there must be an egregious cause. If his brothers-in-arms tell us that Private Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter and probable enemy collaborator then the odds are overwhelming that he is. Because of him, good Soldiers died.

In past wars fought and in different times, Bergdahl would likely have already faced court martial and a potential firing squad.

The last thing I know for certain is that neither is likely to happen today. It will not happen because the leadership of our country is filled with arrogance, deceit, narcissism, and hatred. Bergdahl, who has been promoted as a legitimate Prisoner of War (POW) would have been during the past five years, will get his promotions, get a large sum of money and will fade into the background adding to the legacy of this administration. I know this for certain because I fear there is no leadership in the Army at the appropriate levels with sufficient spine to buck the chain and pursue the rightful action. The Army is not going to investigate Bergdahl and demonstrate for the rest of America his treasonous acts. Instead, they will investigate his chain of command and the “bullies” that caused little Bowe to walk away and conclude in an investigation never to become public that there was nothing to see here.

Each day His sun will continue to rise for America. It will shine brighter and brighter. What I know for certain is that evil cannot exist in the light.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

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