The War for America’s Soul

What constitutes the true soul of America? What is our authentic nature? What gives our country its distinctive character?

Answer each for yourself, but know that these are the questions the answers to which will decide our national fate. In a few months, we will have to answer them with our votes.

In one of his political ads, Mitt Romney declared that the general election is not about winning the presidency; rather it is a battle for the soul of America. It is a very noble sounding proclamation for a political ad and neither the liberals nor its establishment republican allies uttered a word about it. When it was recounted that in a 2008 speech Rick Santorum told a Catholic University audience that Satan had his sights set on the United States of America, the liberals and their allies collectively guffawed and labeled him nutty. They always challenge the message and messenger that most frightens them.

I believe both are right. Mr. Romney clearly prefers political nuance over the directness of Mr. Santorum. Sadly, whether addressed with a political tap dance or a direct affirmation, we may have already lost the battle for our country’s soul.

One of my favorite quotes was written by Publilius Syrus, a first century BC writer:

“Trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.”

Is our national soul gone, never to return? Maybe it is, but if not the death knell is certainly sounding.

The newest manufactured controversy is about contraception. The Catholic Church does not support unnatural contraception and therefore its institutions do not provide for it in their employee healthcare plans. The administration’s healthcare mandate requires them to provide it. It is clearly an infringement on religious freedom, but who cares about that anymore? Most recently, the administration trotted out a “student” to lament the difficulties endured by female students at Georgetown University because they have to buy their own contraception, whatever form that might take. Oh the woe. The bottom line is that this 30 year old, third year law student who attends a school that costs about fifty grand annually believes that someone else should pay for her recreational sex.

When she was called on her asininity by the nation’s biggest conservative voice, Rush Limbaugh, she was made into a victim. The poor thing was given martyr status by the liberal media – the same people who called Sarah Palin and her daughter ever foul profane name under the sun. Bless her heart she even got a consoling call from the President. The outcry became so big that some of Mr. Limbaugh’s sponsors left him. He then apologized for calling the woman a slut. My view, if it walks like a duck… Anyway, the big voice out there who always insists that conservatives can never compromise with these people has now apologized to them. A big defender of our national soul capitulated. Our major warrior subdued.

Maybe I just come from a different place. Hell, maybe the place I believe in exists only in my mind. Maybe there never was such a place. I thought I remembered a time when an unmarried woman’s virtue was important to her. Now, I am to believe that it is the contraception that frees her to pursue unlimited recreational sex that is virtuous – because, you see, it is not about her promiscuity it is about preventative health care. If I follow that logic, then I must conclude that pregnancy is the disease that we are preventing with our “preventative health care” and if it cannot be prevented then Planned Parenthood can just cut out the disease and toss it into a nearby land fill. All of that preventative care must be subsidized one way or another with money taken from people who condone no part of it. The remnant of our soul is left sitting atop a mound of fifty million un-born babies who were killed by liberal preventative health care.

It is just the latest battle in the war that we have been losing for many years because in every skirmish, like Mr. Limbaugh did, we just throw up our hands and surrender. Do what you want, just leave me be.

We let them take God from schools and replace him with Darwin. We let them take away virtue from school kids and replace it with free condoms. We are sneered at for wanting to teach abstinence while at the same time allowing them to insist that our children are taught about the virtues of homosexuality. We allowed them to force Christian displays including the Ten Commandments from public, while watching them celebrate gay pride in OUR Whitehouse. With complicit government, they are now trying to force Churches to abide by their out of whack concepts of virtue. The most visible photographs making the rounds these days is a Marine kissing his boyfriend that follows of course the lesbian Sailor doing the same to her girlfriend. A few good men – and women.

If you want to destroy a nation’s essence, you must destroy the important institutions that support it. Schools, families, the military, and the churches. They have made it to the Churches. Those who will steal our soul are winning the war and they are in power. Power they will not give up easily.

We no longer have those gun-toting, God fearing, Bible clinging, freedom loving, small government minded men who founded this country. And sadly, our most prominent warrior voices are dropping like flies. Mr. Limbaugh always reminds his listeners that he will tell them when it is time to worry. I think he just did.

Once lost, it will never return.

© 2012

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