Then sings my soul

The rain had stopped, but the view from Hawk’s Nest was still a little misty Saturday morning. Fall colors were just beginning to show so the explosion of gold, red and orange foliage we hoped for was still a week away. That aside, our friends visiting from the desert southwest of Arizona appreciated the rolling green scenery as much as my wife and I do each time we see it. It reminds me of a verse from a favorite Christian hymn, How Great Thou Art:

When through the woods, and forest glades I wander,
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.
When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur
And see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.
Then sings my soul…

We plan to visit our friends in Arizona where they will take us to see the Grand Canyon. I still marvel at the beauty of our country and that is with mental comparisons to such places as the Swiss Alps. Our country is blessed with beauty and more resources than most countries. We still have the blessing of freedom and free enterprise. Sadly, we are allowing it to slip away.

But, I am growing tired these days. Bone tired. I am tired of politicians. I am tired of politics. I am tremendously tired of those who live in our country, yet outwardly hate everything about it. I am truly tired of the “undecided.” How is one undecided these days? What is it exactly that one can be undecided about? The choice is freedom or not freedom. One may preserve it while one most definitely wants to take it. Any one undecided about that is not competent to vote in an American election. Yet, our politicians spend every waking hour strategizing how to capture the vote of every little self-interested group – including these undecided. Yes, they will spend their valuable yet brief time in life and this important time in our history trying to figure out why the undecided are. Never do they work for the American vote. I am not sure any of them can define what being American means.

In America, politicians and their strategists openly wonder how they will attract the vote of women, or of an ethnic group, or of a specific race, or of a specific religion, or even of a specific sexual orientation. Then they openly wonder about how they can attract wealthy donors to their cause. All of that political kowtowing comes at a price. The politician’s soul and losing America. Losing the one group, one vision, one focus that made this the greatest most prosperous nation in world history.

It is not complicated to discern how America is being lost. We have groups of people who have immigrated to the United States of America from failed societies and failed cultures. It has been the history of our nation to welcome them. It has also been our history for them to assimilate into the American culture. Along with welcoming them, comes their responsibility of a citizen to understand and accept our history, warts and all, and our foundation of God-given freedom and individual liberty. Add to that each identity group looking for special recognition beyond just being a free American. Our country is great because it truly was the place where many came together to produce one. E pluribus unum – out of many one.

I am not so sure we are representative of that motto anymore. Why? It is simple. It is the Anti-American worldview (now being explained as an anti-colonialism world view) that believes that the United States of America (and other western countries) became wealthy and prosperous because they stole the wealth of poorer nations. Ingrained in this belief is that a group can bring its failed culture here and be prosperous in the land that stole its wealth from them in the first place. They refuse to accept that it was the failed cultures from which they ran that kept them from prosperity in their countries and will keep them from prosperity here.

Here in the land of the free, our problem is compounded by leadership that holds these same views. America stole its wealth, therefore her system of free enterprise must be replaced with socialism and the wealth of its people taken and returned to those nations from which it was stolen and to those Americans more comfortable with taking from than contributing to the prosperity of our country.

I suppose I am looking for the leader that can explain why this country is great and why others throughout world history have failed. I want a leader that believes in American Exceptionalism rather than accommodating disunited groups and failed cultures. I want a leader who wants to stand with me at Hawk’s Nest and marvel from lofty mountain grandeur at the singing soul of our great nation.


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