This Week in the Enchanted Kingdom

I checked my list to see if there were any republicans not running for president. All I could find was Mitford and the Maverick. Losers who never figured out they were in a street fight. People are taking to Trump for that reason. Americans want someone to fight for them. Whether he believes or means what he says is another issue, but it puts on the appearance of attacking what is wrong in America. The eventual candidate should be taking notes. Pussyfoot around and you too will get the snot kicked out of you by a communist in a pants suit. Unless the FBI probe is real.

On one end of the District of Columbia sits the Rainbow house. On the other end on a little knoll, called a hill, sits Mordor. The people populating these fortifications run Babylon on the Potomac. No longer do they and not for a long time have they represented the people of the many states comprising this union. They prefer serfdom or to completely ignore the fact that there is even a population beyond the boundaries of Babylon. It is pay for play corruption at its worst. The irony of it all is that Donald Trump and people like him played and paid for politicians in our country just like he did in other countries all the way up to achieving billionaire status. Now, the shark is attacking the other sharks? He needs to explain to me how he would be different from the status quo, especially when he has been part of it, an enabler of it, and a benefactor of it. If his arrogance pushes him to run as a third party candidate, he will place another corrupt communist in the Rainbow house. Maybe we could just go ahead and paint the people’s house solid red by then. Do you reckon that’s what Slick Willie called him about? Nah, Willie was grubbing for more cash for the foundation or any available super model, or intern, or….

I really do not take much from gang debates. When it is whittled down to a few, I will become more interested.

The Unplanned Parenthood shop of horrors videos continue. Now they are setting the price for intact babies. Before they described how they took care not to crush the valuable parts. So if they have intact babies for sale, does not that imply a live birth? How can we not stand against such an atrocity? How could the Senate not even consider a funding vote? Like Mr. Trump said. I gave them money and when I needed them they were there. Answer. Just follow the money.

Did you hear Louis Farrakhan? He wants his Army of 10,000 to stalk whites and kill them. Do you recall? That Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his church gave Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award. The minister for the residents of the Rainbow house is a great admirer of Farrakhan. The same Farrakhan who implied Obama was the messiah. I doubt the Department of Justice will send the FBI over to visit him. Now if he had been holding a Confederate flag when he said that, all hell undoubtedly would have broken loose.

How about Genghis John and the Iran (new name for Hanoi) deal. I am just waiting for him to swoop down and report for duty. He can hold up his Nobel Prize for securing a deal with the people who have as their top priorities destruction of Israel and America. And with that he can save the party and America. Especially after the Rainbow house’s Department of Justice files criminal charges against the woman in the pants suits. If this was written into a movie script no one would watch it unless they called it dumb and dumber goes to Tehran. But, if it does not work out for him he can always say he was for it before he was against it and in a fit of rage he can throw Obama’s prize over the Rainbow house fence.

Just another uneventful week in the Enchanted Kingdom. I wished I had the imagination to make this stuff up. Can someone explain why my spell checker keeps trying to change Obama to Osama?

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