Through the Looking Glass

I cannot recall a time of so much anger, hatred and outright vulgarity coming from the mouths of politicians, news media, and celebrity types.  If you cannot present a cogent point of view without F-bombs, unhinged hatred and profane insults to whom are you speaking?  Are you really trying to present a view or are you just trying to enrage the ignorant?  There are bought in consumers of this spiteful conduct.  We witnessed what one simple minded and deranged human is capable of when fed a constant litany of hatred and dehumanizing rhetoric.

I may be naïve, but I don’t accept that a majority of Americans appreciate what is happening nor do they value the ethical morass presented to them hourly.  These people, who continue to act like life is a continuous high school cussing and gossip party, are also by the hour digging their hole deeper.  Their unbalanced attack and pure hatred of our President and the Republican Party in general is constantly broadcast to consumers of legacy media and the cable news cellar dwellers.  They have become the face of a political party now joined by a politically motivated would be mass murderer.  And these are the people who call everyone else a threat to “democracy.”  Kim Jung Un could only dream of such a successful mass brain washing operation.  How long before another politically motivated idiot fires into a crowd.  When will the mask wearing paid for thugs graduate from pepper spraying girls to something more deadly.   Sometimes people who look nice and read scripts well are simply too stupid to gage likely outcomes of their words and behavior.  Otherwise they would stick to facts and verified truth rather than preconceived notions and leaked innuendo.  But that is the piece that is dangerous to average Americans going about their daily business.  It is certainly an outcome of political rhetoric and winger-punditry, but it’s not what is most dangerous to our country.

It is the sophisticated subversives who are determined, deliberate and inside our government that represent clear and present danger.  They are the Snakes in the Grass I wrote about in April 2017.  They have now set the path to achieve their end game.

Special Counsel Inquisitions tend to wander around the battlefield rarely focused on their appointed purpose (Russian Collusion).  They seem never ending.  And like most inside the beltway “investigations” (akin to some Inspector General investigations I recall from my past) they tend to draw conclusions first and then set out to prove them.   This steers them away from where they should be looking if indeed it is answers they seek.  Or as Attorney General Sessions stated “it’s like looking through the looking glass.”  I agree.  It certainly appears we followed Alice down the rabbit hole – one with many twists, turns and detours all leading to a predetermined destination.  Somewhere another deep throat is standing by to produce that one piece of insider evidence to seal the deal even if it’s fabricated.  After all, wasn’t it a false dossier that added the fuel that set the whole fake narrative into motion?  If it turns out differently this time, count me among the surprised.

Sadly, I believe it is going to be a long, hot and dangerous summer.  Now we have to protect ourselves from political domestic terrorists who are brainwashed into believing they are patriots.  And why not?  A few years down the road they’re likely to be honored with a New York parade.  For all of our politicians and pundits if you learned nothing else from current events, understand that words have meaning and lies are still lies even if everyone believes them.  Most Americans, I believe, will reject the current direction of our national political discourse.  They are more concerned about solving real problems.

If our legally elected President is forced from office by what is clearly a coup attempt orchestrated by deep state players and swamp rats, then it is no longer America.  It is closer to Venezuela.   Actually it’s much worse than that.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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