Told you so

I never liked “I told you so” declarations. The reason being is that they generally follow some foretold calamity. One does not need the political sense of Rush Limbaugh to see what is coming and try to warn of it.

In March 2012, I questioned ““Just Another Vietnam?” I predicted the outcome for Iraq and Afghanistan would be another self-fulfilling prophesy of progressive Washington and its like-minded media. At the very beginning, the old hands were out there asking publicly if Americans are ready for the body bags to start coming home. I heard the term so frequently from the Vietnam era media types and held over politicians that it was all I could do to maintain my composure. Ted Kennedy an anti-Vietnam war, anti military hack was out yelling quagmire in front of every available television camera. There were plenty of available cameras whenever Teddy was ready to put forth his anti-war screed. The liberal media reported the number of KIA every single day. Print media demanded to be able to photograph coffins returning to the United States. In spite of them, our Soldiers whipped the enemy in his place. We started training up and equipping the armed forces of those nations, then our national command authority decided we should pack our bags and skedaddle. So we did. We left a partially trained military not yet weaned from American ground support and advisors in the hands of a corrupt government. When the bad guys came back, as they always will if not totally crushed, the “army” threw down its stuff and ran. Americans began evacuating. I saw articles beneath a picture of a helicopter sitting on top of the US Embassy, Saigon 1975.

With love from Washington, killing fields to follow.

Back home, there are no protestors at the airports this time greeting our returning Soldiers and calling them baby killers. The people who did that then now walk the halls of Congress, head up the State Department, work for the legacy media, or they are busily indoctrinating our youth inside our education system. Our Veterans are not being well served by the medical system designed to treat them. Our government wants to spend millions and millions of dollars to encourage illegal immigration and to support the immigrants after they are allowed to cross our borders, not to fix Veteran’s healthcare. But what about the poor treatment of Veterans? Well they assure Veterans, between rounds of golf, that they are madder than hell about that.

Soldiers, serving in combat zones or returning home see that social engineering the military is more important than regenerating and retraining it. I suppose if someone wanted to destroy the effectiveness of the United States military, he would implement rules of engagement that ensured more American casualties and then put Soldiers in prison if they broke one of those rules to save lives – like their own. He would introduce social rules glorifying homosexuality in the ranks, discourage free expression of Christianity, and allow Soldiers to add all manner of religious (not Christian) accouterments along with beards and tattoos to their military uniforms. To show the services and Congress who is really in charge, he might release five of the most dangerous killers in GITMO to get the return of a deserter and possible enemy collaborator who served with honor and distinction.

I suppose after that, he would probably reduce benefits of serving members of the Armed forces and retirement benefits for those who served. He would fill the leadership ranks with senior officers who are willing to march in step rather than speak out against bad policy. On that note, the most senior serving Generals and Admirals who are not willing to put their stars on the table opposing bad policies that harm the nation and our serving men and women are not leaders at all. They are sycophantic yes men and women, not leaders.

If anyone accepts that what is happening to our country and to the US military is going to turn out well, please take something to cure you of terminal cranial rectal inversion syndrome. If things continue, recruiters are going to find it quite difficult to fill the ranks with volunteers. An Army of conscripts coming soon to a war near you. I pray I do not have to say I told you so.

© 2104 J. D. Pendry

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  1. Topremf

    Hmm! I’m getting that strong French coined word sensation again. Time to take back our country folks, before it is completely deconstructed.

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